Animal Abuse

Police Arrest Army Veteran After Rescuing Dog From Hot Car

Mikael Thalen | “I’ve got PTSD, and I’ve seen enough death and destruction… I didn’t want anything else to happen if I could prevent it” A U.S. Army veteran

Community Looks For Answers In Police Shooting Death of German Shepherd

Jean Strong | Residents in Wyckoff, New Jersey are looking for answers from the police department in the shooting death of a five year old German Shepherd named Otto.

WATCH: Cops Lose It, Open Fire on Dog in Public After Witnesses Call Out Their Mistake

2015/04/19 BROWNSVILLE — A shocking video has surfaced showing cops opening fire on a pet dog in a crowded area. The incident began when officers showed up to the wrong

Heart-Wrenching Video Shows Cops Strangling Pet Dog to Death to “Save on Paperwork”

Heart-wrenching raw video footage has surfaced online showing police officers literally torturing a helpless dog to death by the use of strangulation. The officers can be seen approaching the dog

Man Heartbroken After Cop Shoots Service Dog in the Head – Dog Helped Down Syndrome Children

2015/03/16 SAN DIEGO, CA — Community prayers and hopes are going out to a devastated San Diego man after police officers shot his service animal companion to death. Ian Anderson

“Your Dog is Under Arrest” — Weird Cop Tries to Arrest Dog, Owner Dominates Cop

2015/03/15 ARIZONA — It’s a testament to how incompetent some people can be, regardless of the uniform they wear. In the video you’re about to see, Terri Franklin, a long-time

Cop Goes on Murder-Suicide Spree, Kills Two Teen Girls and Three Dogs in Cold Blood

WESTCHESTER — It has been called “pure evil.” It is certainly one of the most egregiously cruel and wicked cases of police violence in recent times. Officer Glen Hochman was

Cop Shoots Innocent Mother to Death in Front of Her Child, Opens Fire on Pet Dog — Receives Paid Leave With No Charges

UPDATE — Body Cam Footage is Released The officer’s body cam captured the final moments before he tried to kill the family’s dog, but instead shot the mother to death.

SHOCK VIDEO: Police-Involved Event Video Shows Scared Dog Being Dragged to Freezing Cold Water and Pushed In

WILBRAHAM — A shocking video has gone viral showing what appears to be a frightened dog being forced into freezing cold water at a police-supported event. The event is called

Horses Being Shot and Killed — Investigation Suggests Shooter is Cop

2015/02/20 LIVINGSTON COUNTY — What kind of person would go out and start shooting innocent horses? That’s the question many have been asking, after WHEC Rochester reported on a tragic

Innocent Child Mauled by Police Attack Dog, Citizen Intervenes and Saves Child’s Life

TRACY — A heroic action was taken by an American citizen after a 13-yr-old child was almost killed. “He’s hurt, you know? He probably won’t ever walk out of here

Cop Pulls Out His Gun and Executes Small 3-Yr-Old Dog, Claims He “Feared for His Life”

CAMDEN — A family and neighbors are terrified after a police officer pulled out his gun, aimed it at their 3-yr-old golden retriever, and shot it to death, according to