Cop Who Killed Kelly Thomas Seen in Restaurant, Americans Make Him Leave

CALIFORNIA — Manuel Ramos, the cop  seen on video beating Kelly Thomas to death, had to leave a place of business last weekend.

Ramos guzzles a drink before leaving the establishment. "Killer cops aren't welcome here," read the caption.

Ramos guzzles a drink before leaving the establishment. “Killer cops aren’t welcome here,” read the caption.

Nationwide outrage was sparked when Ramos and his partner Jay Cicinelli were found “not guilty” of murder, despite beating the mentally ill homeless man to death as he begged for his life.

Last weekend, Ramos had the nerve to show his face in public.

It happened when families and patrons were enjoying their dinner at Denny’s in California.

The last thing they expected was  to be interrupted by Ramos waddling inside with a “So Cal” shirt stretched around his stomach.

They were immediately uncomfortable with his presence and began complaining.

As the complaints were made Ramos “got up and left,” according to a patron who snapped a photo of him guzzling his drink before leaving

“Killer cops aren’t welcome here,” was captioned with the photo, which is going viral online.

The patron explained what happened as follows in a report sent to We Copwatch:

“So last night at Denny’s we saw this “cop” (the one that killed Kelly Thomas) his ass SHOULD be in jail.. & thank fully the people next to him complained and he got up and left .. I hope it is like that the rest of your life going places, Kelly Thomas has no choice of doing anything he wants to do cause of you .. Enjoy your “freedom””‘

The action has been met with strong support from thousands across the country.

As a documented murderer and coward, Ramos will certainly face this situation over and over again.

He will be forced to leave establishments, businesses will refuse him service and kick him out, and American citizens will shame him in public.

Many officers commit suicide due to intense stress levels.

“Domestic terrorist.” remarked one commenter.

Another commenter suggested “Maybe he’ll get jumped leaving a place like this someday.”

Any American who enacts justice upon Ramos would surely be hailed as a hero and honored for generations.

Before beating Kelly Thomas to death, Ramos can be heard on video saying “See these fists? They’re about to fuck you up.”

As Kelly pleaded for his life and begged for help, Ramos showed him no mercy and continued pummeling him until he died.

Watch the video here (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

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  • gespinb3549

    The P.O.S. certainly would NOT be welcome here!

  • John Redman

    Think of all those scum that golfed with OJ afterwards. But shunning IS the proper response, not violence. Thanks Denny’s patrons for doing the right thing. It could have made a John Quiones episode.

    • Proud_to_be_American

      No one was killed when rodney king was arrested. And yet when the officers were found guilty of following department policy, but los angeles was rioted, looted & burned.

      Nicole Brown & Ronald Goldman were murdered in cold blood. And when their “Accused” Murderer was found not guilty by some of the same people who rioted Beverly Hills did NOT Riot, Loot or Burn…

      • James Nimmons

        stop trying to make this a racism thing..there are assholes of every color.. youre one of them

        • jaydavis

          It has to be never or always. This thing we have now where it only counts when you can call a white guy racist is what you end up defending with your comment.

          • Steven Crumley

            The point is the comparison is fucking retarded. Cops are individuals who have a duty to society to serve and protect, so them beating a man like in the King case is a betrayal of public trust. OJ was a guy who played a game for a living, the fiber of his moral character could not be of any less interest to me.

          • Phasmatis75

            Actually that’s Peace Officers you are referring to. Police officers only have a duty to enforce the law of the state which people delude themselves into thinking are for their benefit.

          • Eric

            The Supreme Court ruled some time back that police are under no obligation to serve and protect anyone.

          • Scott Downey

            But they will happily serve and protect the shit out of helpless people like Kelly Thomas.

          • Scott Downey

            Cops kill people of all colors. While there are quite a few racist cops. It is NOT the only reason these maniacs kill helpless people.

        • Princefigs

          So are you

          • AverageJoe

            lol. nanny nanny boo boo. hahaha “so are you”. lmao

          • James Nimmons

            and your bastard issue for twelve generations..

        • Proud_to_be_American

          That’s just typical, when you can’t reply with a logical

          post, BAM! play the race card! My comment state plain hard facts. You played the race card.

          • James Nimmons

            those facts were………………what…..

          • Scott Downey

            This isn’t Yugioh. Playing your race trap card doesn’t win an argument either.

  • Steven Sigmon

    He’s not welcome on my street.

  • JCode3

    I am confused. I did not follow the story but he was acquitted. Doesn’t that make him innocent. Do we know the whole story, the evidence, etc…..

    • Phillip Cantu

      Watch the video. It will show you everything. If you are a decent human being, you will be disturbed.

      • kaaosvonhavoc

        but the law.the law. lol people so blindly respect cops .makes me sick all the praise these glorified thugs get . fucking jocks


        if you are NOT AFFECTED by what you see, then perhaps you should seek therapy.. because if your grown 38 yr old son was screaming ‘daddy daddy their killing me’ until he took his last breath.. ( all on film) i bet you would be as outraged..

        • Princefigs


    • alfalfa31

      Watch the video. The only reason he was acquitted was the fact that he was an on-duty police officer. Had any one of us killed a man under similar circumstances, we’d never see the light of day again. Cops don’t rate special rights. This man is a piece of human garbage, and being ostracised from all humanity is the best thing for him.

      • Sean

        So he should just be allowed to walk the streets, no doubt gaining a job with some other dept. in the near future, and continue to harm innocent civilians? That’s the problem with this country right there, no common sense to realize that yes, sometimes you have to actually fight against the bad.

    • Halvar Fonn Dretvik

      The video is all the evidence you need.

    • eli

      He’s not guilty by legal standards. That doesn’t mean we, the people, have to believe he’s innocent. I’ve seen the video. He’s NOT innocent.

    • Richard A. Tucker

      The law is not perfect. In this case it proved to be as imperfect as the crime it’s supposed to be punishing.

    • JonEdHil

      “Not guilty” and “innocent” are two different things. Not guilty just means the state did not “prove” their case, for whatever reason. I’d love to interview the jurors here to see how in the world they let these pieces of garbage off.
      Innocent means you did not commit the offense, period. These killers are most definitely NOT innocent.

    • Princefigs

      He was found not guilty. People around here dont care about that though. They only believe in the system when it works for them

    • Morgan G

      Acquittal doesn’t make you innocent. Juries don’t say we find the defendant innocent, they say we find them not guilty. That might be splitting hairs to you, but it really does make a difference.

  • Phillip Cantu

    We need more of this happening to ALL cops who harm the innocent.

    • JonEdHil




    • Thelonious Mahler Crate

      You’re making us look bad. I suggest you act like an adult. I very much doubt you have a CCW.

      • Craig Yake

        How you dumbass? I doubt you are an adult. Carry on with your CCW and if you get a chance…..shoot this dumbass ex cop thug!!!!!!

      • Sean

        So they can kill us, but we can’t kill them? F-U.

        • Thelonious Mahler Crate

          Well as well thought out and waterproof as your argument is, I suppose I’ll reply, as I don’t have anything better to do at the moment. What would a gang of followers of an organization called “” following this guy to his car, provoking him, and then shooting him do for our cause? What would it do for Kelly Thomas? Maybe you see this a different way, but I see such an action on every news outlet in the country, and some abroad. I see all organizations like filmingcops, copblock, oathkeepers, etc. being berated and targeted by government spokespeople and conservative organizations. I see public liberals using the event as another bit of ammunition for their anti-Second Amendment platform (no pun intended). I see government crackdowns on organizations like this one and extra excuses for the police to be even more tyrannical and egotistical than many of them already are. If we are to beat these types of scum at their own game, it cannot be by vigilante murder. I like to do this thing where I speak to people on the internet the same way I would if I were looking into their eyes. I suggest you do the same, while making an honest attempt at acting like an adult.

        • Thelonious Mahler Crate

          As well thought out and waterproof as your argument is, I’ll reply, as I have nothing better to do this morning. What would a gang of members of a group called “” following this guy to his car, provoking an incident, and then shooting him do for our cause? What would it do for Kelly Thomas? Here’s what I can see happening after such an action: I see the story on every media outlet in this country and some abroad. I see government representatives and some pundits berating and targeting such activism groups as filmingcops, copblock, oathkeepers, etc. I see the anti-Second Amendment crowd using the incident as yet more ammunition for their agenda (pardon the pun). I see a vigilante shooting of this guy as doing nothing but furthering the agenda of the police state. We cannot beat these guys by shooting them in the streets. I try my hardest to do this thing where I talk to people online in the same way I would if I were looking into their eyes. I strongly suggest you make an attempt at this and also one at acting like a real adult in a 21st century first-world country.

          • Sean

            If you knew anything about the Second Amendment, you’d know that it’s for these kind of situations, when the rule of law fails, when the government fails. It has cearly failed here, and has failed for a long time. People like you are just lazy cowards, you’ll make any excuse not to stand up and fight. Make me sick.

          • Thelonious Mahler Crate

            Tell me how many pigs you’ve shot.

          • Thelonious Mahler Crate

            Vote it down and run away like a coward, Sean. Enjoy your life.

          • Sean

            You lost the argument, face it, coward.

        • Thelonious Mahler Crate

          Well as well thought out and waterproof as your argument is, I suppose
          I’ll reply, as I don’t have anything better to do at the moment. What
          would a gang of followers of an organization called “”
          following this guy to his car, provoking him, and then shooting him do
          for our cause? What would it do for Kelly Thomas? Maybe you see this a
          different way, but I see such an action on every news outlet in the
          country, and some abroad. I see all organizations like filmingcops,
          copblock, oathkeepers, etc. being berated and targeted by government
          spokespeople and conservative organizations. I see public liberals using
          the event as another bit of ammunition for their anti-Second Amendment
          platform (no pun intended). I see government crackdowns on organizations
          like this one and extra excuses for the police to be even more
          tyrannical and egotistical than many of them already are. If we are to
          beat these types of scum at their own game, it cannot be by vigilante
          murder. I like to do this thing where I speak to people on the internet
          the same way I would if I were looking into their eyes. I suggest you do
          the same, while making an honest attempt at acting like an adult.

          • Sean

            You should stand up and fight for what’s right, like adults do.

  • Ray

    Jay Patrick Cicinelli
    Phone: (562)943-1240
    Address: 13127 Los Alisos St., La Mirada, CA

    Manuel Anthony Ramos
    Phone: (951)220-7009; (951)279-7664
    Address:13427 Cascade Ct.,Corona, CA 92880-8892

    • J Gautreaux

      Thank you, Ray.

      • John Titor

        What did he say? The good ones always get deleted before I can read them.

        • Michael Summers

          He posted the address and phone numbers of Ramos and Cicinelli. Too bad too, I just wrote up my hate mail letter and was going to send it out today. Re-post Ray!

    • fuck a cop kill them all

      now lets hope someone goes and kills these bitches!

      • Joseph Raymond Annecelli

        i’d rather see him tortured slowly and for many many days then set loose and recaptured again and again he should be sterilized too… if he reproduces can you imagine?

        • tank

          I’m angry too, but these are the types of comments that cause problems for us. Wanting justice is completely justifiable. Saying you want someone tortured or dead looks really really bad. JS

          • CherMoe

            It’s okay for the victim, though, right? By the way, I’ve got a brother who was a cop.

          • Sooriamoorthy

            No fault of yours, but it must de so painful and shameful.

          • nunya B

            its ok those people end up on watch lists these days anyway. However the guy SHOULD have his ass kicked badly.. by the Thomas Family

          • Rock Lobster

            It’s disgusting, you’re right. Come on people, LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

          • Lola Guin

            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

          • Eric

            Thank you,Lola… To bad many will read this and never truly know what it means

          • disqus_Hk6bAV5M1R

            I wish I could up vote this twice.

          • American

            Wanting justice IS completely justifiable.
            So when it is not delivered, it is the fault of judiciary.
            They are the ones who are responsible for failure to execute justice and we have no other option left.

            This is what happens when you push too much.

          • jimmyt

            This is the result of injustice. Police and the justice system have brought it on themselves

          • Lola Guin

            Yeah, peaceful protesting is not really working in our favor. Sorry, I know you have good intentions, but I have been watching these injustices occur for years and seen many people protest peacefully. NOTHING changes. I’ve lost all hope in peaceful resolution. WE did not fire first. The pigs that abuse their office did a LONG time ago. Hypothetically, we would be well within our rights to return the favor (read the Declaration of Independence). I used to think the way you do, but the longer this goes on, the less I lose the hope you seem to have.

          • Anti-cop Brutality

            Grow a pair pansy! Murderers should not be able to hide behind a badge and expect the public to ignore it. There is nothing..absolutely nothing that is too terrible to happen to this slug.

          • Lola Guin

            So true. If this occurred when our Founding Fathers were around, these cops would have been tried (as is their right), convicted, and hanged. We, as a nation, have lost our collective balls. We serve government not, not the other way around, the way it was meant to be. I’m disgusted at myself and my country for not taking any action and viewing justice against abusive government as “really really bad” or immoral.

          • Adam Brian

            The American people would let a cop lead them to the gas chamber even though they could smell the burning bodies. Idk everyone messed up its like their has been a war for a long time anyway yeah right here right now right. Lol as long as prisoners provide over 10000 different products what do you expect anyway.

          • Jane

            America has been hanging onto the coat tails of the Founding Fathers for too long. It’s time Americans started a new time. Stop hanging onto the past and think of the future of our kids and what they will face. Yes, indeed grow a few!
            In the meantime, get back to your Bible and dig deep into Jesus Christ. “Vengeance is Mine.” saith the Lord.”
            These men have no idea what they are in for.

          • Justice

            I cannot for the life of me understand how twelve (I assume twelve) people on a jury did not find this asshole guilty. He’s on video saying “I’m getting ready to fuck you up”. He then proceeded to beat the guy to death. What’s wrong with our citizenry?

          • James Michael

            Because the Das are felon traitors and manipulate their ignorant selves that is how….

          • Dennisdread_2000

            I know, right?

          • Xollonius Xfactor

            Wha? This rancid piece of human offal is still breathing? As for his address…… Well it’s hard to have an address when your shit is a pile of smoldering rubble……this thing is the real walking dead…..and I’ll toast your demise

          • Rick Lane

            Killing a person can only be done if they are trying to kill you or they are trying to hurt your family or another innocent person people who talk about torture would never have the nerve to follow thru on it

          • George D’range

            Besides being really legally precarious. My brother was beaten nearly to death by cops, and even I know better than to speak so stupidly.

            Do you honestly believe that no cops would ever lurk on a site like this? You have far more faith in the anonymity of the Net than I do! Not to mention the retributive nature of organized groups of people with authority and weapons.

          • Sooriamoorthy

            Not if the thing to be tortured is a murderous cop!

          • Ron Obvious

            but, really, and I am being serious here, how much more of this do we take? at some point, we as citizens need to pelt these scumbags with trash and rocks and run them out of our towns.

          • James Michael

            That is called justice….If someone beat my son to death like that….They would never see it coming justice would find them…..Period…You can apologize for the murdering scum all you want…I do not allow psychopaths to go free….All the evidence was on that tape and the “so called” just us system on California did NOT serve justice…..
            Olmsted v. United States, (1928) 277 U.S. 438
            “Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”

          • Frank Lapidus

            The courts deny the American people justice; refusing to charge, (or even indict) police no matter how horrifying their behavior. It takes a huge riot to even get them to consider it and if they do the charges will be minimal time after time.

        • Princefigs

          I can tell you are one of those idiots that say, “Justice for Trayvon” and whatnot….all the while, advocating the TORTURE AND MURDER of another human being. Nope…no hypocrisy there.

          • Gabriel

            forgive him. I do

          • Jairn8

            These cops deserve no forgivness.

          • joe mcivor

            Justice is the the issue, not forgiveness – which is for the victim’s relatives surely , or for God if you’re a believer . Thomas didn’t get justice and neither did his two killers

          • Lola Guin

            Why would you forgive someone who is unrepentant about murdering a mentally ill man who did nothing to him?

          • Dennisdread_2000

            An excellent question. On top of that, they went to court and lied through their teeth AND they have exhibited ZERO remorse. IF these are human beings, they’re sociopaths.

          • james

            no sane person considers those to scum bags as human beings.

          • Princefigs

            No sane person thinks that cops are not human beings. Let me guess….you hate cops because they busted you when you were a kid for smoking weed or something…..right?

          • AverageJoe

            You must be a cop. Nobody says they hate all cops. They are all addressing cops that abuse their power. You are the one that blurs the lines between the two.

          • Princefigs

            Do you not read this wretched board at all? I have seen at least a dozen different people say “Death to cops” “Torture / Murder all cops” “Hate all cops” seen it several times. You might not feel this way, many on here do.

          • Dave Gunn

            prince huh?? is that ur name pig, or do you really think you’re better than everyone else cause you’re a pig. if i saw a cop in trouble, i wouldn’t do a thing accept sit back and watch them get the beat down they deserve!! you guys are all bullies and assholes. you get what you deserve, and one day you will too, you’re no one special, stop thinking you are. what do you call an idiot too stupid to get into college?? officer!!

          • Princefigs

            Actually, Dave Gunn, Im not a cop….and I went to college and judging back your (poor)sentence structuring, (lack of)grammatical diversity, and (idiotic) tendency to jump to conclusions, I am willing to bet that I have a far better degree than your community college online “degree”. Cops should be punished when they break the law, however, these cops were not judged, by a jury of their peers, to have broken the law, so they deserve no punishment. What you have is something called “Confirmation Bias”…I know you don’t know what that is, so let me explain: It is the tendency of people to favor information that confirms their beliefs. You believe, perhaps rationally based on personal experience, that cops abuse their power and are “bullies and assholes” (though I suspect that you are just mad because they busted you for beating your girlfriend or doing drugs or something) and anytime you see anything that COULD be seen as them doing those things you believe about cops, you immediately and without consideration, jump to the conclusion that your beliefs are confirmed and that they are, in fact, bullies, assholes, and abusive in their power. Basically, you are just an idiot with a IQ around 100 or so.

          • Tailback21

            Congrats on being the only person on Earth to have graduated from college. I am in awe if your accomplishment and mastery of the English language.

          • Princefigs

            Thank you.

          • Scott Downey

            Never harp on someone’s grammatical errors whilst making your own,Professor.

          • Princefigs

            I agree

          • Dennisdread_2000

            Seriously, they beat a man to death. Juries get it wrong some times.

          • guest233

            No..we don’t hate ‘cops’ over a inane issue. We dispise them over their senseless brutality and indency towards American citizens and their utter contempt for our constitution. They have earned their bad reputation over and over again.

          • george

            Yea officer figs

          • Dennisdread_2000

            Sounds like his issue is these cops beat a helpless man to death.

          • Fuller Malarkey

            I hate them because they will support rapists, murderers, child molesters, drug dealers, thieves, wife beaters, or in other words, everyone else that wears a blue costume

          • n10dkf

            These two worthless cops are filthy stinking pigs! There is NOTHING human or humane about them!

        • Thomas Ratcliff

          To have all that done to him and for you to wish it on him make’s you no better than him .What he did was the worst think in the world to have happen to a person,to be beat to death,but if it is done your way then who is the victim now

          • Lola Guin

            So I take it you’re against the death penalty?

          • Thomas Ratcliff

            no i am all for the death penalty ,but if the jury did not convict him then there is nothing that can be done .this is something he has to live with for the rest of his life

          • Dennisdread_2000

            He doesn’t care.

        • Wulf

          you would see another man brutally tourtured? its bad what he did to this man yes horrible even but why would you want to watch someone die slowly and painfully? better a quick death than a slow one for if your tortured that man you would be no better than the man who did it in the first place

        • ac05jn

          if Kelly were alive, he is the only one who should have any possibility of committing vengeance like that. i am skeptical of anyone who advocates torture, that they are mere provocateurs, or bloodlusting perverts no different than the demented creatures they condemn, rather than anyone who wants justice or security.

      • DJ

        not all cops are like that

        • Jairn8

          A lot are

          • Thomas Ratcliff

            no there are more good one’s than bad it is just you hear more about the bad one’s and they are the one’s that make it so hard on the good one’s .you can not lump all cop in the same bunch

          • Scott Downey

            Standing idly by while your cohorts commit crimes does not make you “good”, it makes you a co-conspirator.

          • Thomas Ratcliff

            and most of the bad one’s get caught by the good one’s the good one’s don’t just stand by

          • Scott Downey

            You need to remove the thin blue line from in front of your eyes Deputy.

          • Thomas Ratcliff

            no you need to remove the hate for all cop’s from your’s you want to put all cop’s in the same bag .sorry it don’t work that way .there will always be bad people in all lines of work ,but you never see people go after the bad news reporters ,they cause more trouble with there lies than any one .you look like some one that would talk crap about police till you need them ,then you want them right now what’s taking so long .yeah seen your kind before .your the go away till I need you kind of person

          • Scott Downey

            You are delusional if you think I will ever call a gang of armed criminals to “Help” me.

          • UUberbitz

            so… why are the more populus “good ones” not reporting the bad ones? Why not stop them? Why cover or turn a blind eye? Makes you all guilty. You never knew a single incident in 19 years of abuse? No police you know ever did anything wrong?! Either BOTH of your eyes are blind, or you are guilty of letting it go on. Silence is acceptance. By not standing up to “the bad ones” all of you are guilty of endangering the public and building the reputation that all are bad. Its, no… YOU are all dispicable. If you think you are good? FUCKING GROW A PAIR. I have no tolerance or sympathy.

          • UUberbitz

            If you were catching the bad ones… who and where are they? what time did they serve? Paid suspension? Or was that just the vacation time they already had coming?

        • Phasmatis75

          Doesn’t matter. They all belong to an increasingly corrupt institution that exists to bolster the private prisons and enforce amoral and corporatism law while protecting scum like those two.

        • I don’t hate the cops

          No DJ, they are not. The issue comes from so many citizens and fellow officers that won’t take a stand against the bad apples and the followup corruption/coverup that happens. Analogy for you: Pic your political persuasion (doesn’t matter, both sides do it). Say you are a R and you tell a factual story about Obama or Holder. It’s the SILENCE of the other side that makes you crazy. If people (including good cops) would just take a stand concerning bad cops, this whole cop issue sweeping the land wouldn’t be as bad. But the silence is causing many, many, many to make it a point to keep the subject on everyone’s mind.
          so when you say, ‘not all cops are like that’, a followup statement of ‘but this cop was just wrong’, would go far. But just like both political sides, everyone is afraid to give up even a little ammunition, even if they know it’s wrong.

        • Jake Sweetser

          Do you see all the links on the side of this page? Don’t you hear all the stories that come up every day like this? It’s becoming more and more common, and a lot worse.

        • Eric

          i find myself saying this for the 1st time in my life, Thank GAWD i live in indiana. our stand your ground laws include the police. MAKE ME FEEL IN FEAR OF MY LIFE,PIG, AND I WILL TAKE YOUR FUCKING PIG LIFE..

          • Princefigs

            Nope, no hypocrisy here. You want to murder a cop because, in your little mind, he murdered someone else. Who should murder you after that?

          • Eric

            Ok, troll, no one said “want to”…. Do you see the option of “if you make me feel in fear for my life or the lives of the people around me” part? the police can always act with respect and dignity… No one here is going out looking for a fight, you’re just making it sound that way. Stop being such a poser!!!!

          • Thomas Ratcliff

            yeah you will be the first one to call the police .all you are is a lot of hot air you talk big but if it come’s down to it you want do crap

          • Eric

            Ok, let’s test that theory, why don’t you join the police force and come to my house to violate my civil rights with unwarranted force. Then we can prove who’s full of air and who’s full of holes… Lastly, until you can use adult sentences instead of “you want do crap” don’t talk to me. I don’t waste resources explaining myself to lower forms of life. Do as you’re told, it sounds like you’ve had plenty of practice at it….

          • Thomas Ratcliff

            OK jerk i have been working for a Sheriff dept for the last 19 years .and i have booked in a lot of load mouth’s like you and have watched them all do just what you do sit and run you mouth .like i said you want do crap i put it that way so your small mind would not shut down from the use of really big word’s.

          • Eric

            Once again we are given a prime example of current law enforcement……..
            All you had to say was that it was a typo…want do crap….won’t do crap…..So being an office of the “law” you do what comes naturally to you…LIE…. Its short dick, under educated, inbreeds like yourself that seem to gravitate to being police officers. you have ZERO understanding to what rule of law IS.

            SO, since you already your badge please feel free to use your magic police powers of privacy invasion and come to my front door. I would gladly show you who’s STANDING in your face running his mouth. until that happens i would suggest stop acting like a spoiled child DEMANDING respect and start worrying about how to EARN it….

          • Scott Downey

            I only hate bad cops, not my fault you are all bad.

        • chewymidget

          Oh so that makes it okay? When will we stop using that excuse to make it okay for cops to do this to civilians? Cops aren’t your friends, the only reason they are around is to fuck you as hard as they can with the long dick of the law.

        • Thought-Criminal

          Any person who is part of of a system that allows murderous thugs to roam free on the street while they stay silent about it is part of the problem. We not only need to ostracize these killers and thugs from our society, but we also need to dismantle the system that allows them to literally get away with murder.

        • Lola Guin

          Not all, but the ones who aren’t are just as bad because they cover for the bad ones. Their lack of action speaks volumes. ALL cops are bad because they would rather go after potsmokers than police their own ranks. Corrupt cops do FAR worse than most people who are arrested. They violate our God-given rights and break their oaths. They should be the first to be arrested, yet they’re given a free pass by their “brothers”.

        • AverageJoe

          I agree. That’s part of the sadness of all of this.

        • Dennisdread_2000


      • Thomas Ratcliff

        and then what have you gained .let them live the rest of there life’s with what they did ,and on the date of the killing just get a bunch of people friends and family of the man they killed to mail a 8×10 to each officer’s home place them on sign’s in there yard post them where ever they go ,at some point in time it will get to them ,and look no blood on your hand’s

        • Scott Downey

          I could agree with that except that if we don’t remove a killer from the streets, he will kill again, and again, and again ad infinitum. Lock them away after the first one, and don’t let them work as a LEO ever again.

      • Klax

        Why kill when he can experience a faith worse than death? Living in agony for the rest of his life.

    • ray james

      Nope your wrong Manny lives in Fullerton thats his old address

    • Rock Lobster

      That’s a little much man. Sure, those cops are garbage human beings, but you shouldn’t be putting their families in danger too.

      • AverageJoe

        Who’s families are in danger again? I must have missed that point.

  • Nailz

    I would jump that mofo

  • Ben Emery

    He’s REALLY asking for it, he’s not even a pig anymore so he has none of the protections

  • Richard A. Tucker

    These antics keep me from even considering giving to police charitable orgs. I’m done. Now that sticker in the window or bumper is a sign of ignorance and disdain for the rights of other Americans to live peacefully with each other. We know who can stop this too. The cops themselves. I guess they’ll wait until we’re rooting for the criminals? Is that what it’ll take for them to stop protecting the scum in their midst?

  • Princefigs

    He was found not guilty, he should be able to live in peace.

    • HL Shancken

      Go fuck yourself.

      • Princefigs

        Why dont you come and try to do something about it? I would beat your ass worse than that bum got his ass beat. Verdict didnt go your way? Cry me a river, weakling

        • minime

          so whats the address tough guy.

          • Princefigs

            You live, or are near Jacksonville, Florida? I would love to arrange a meet up.

          • TIGERHD1

            Remember the movie , Independence Day? The Pilot?? Well “Im’ma Floridian” …..

          • Princefigs

            A cup of tea in China is 3.99 American….

          • TIGERHD1

            How close do I need to be?

          • Princefigs

            It doesnt matter. As long as you are willing to drive up here with the intent to start a violent incident, thats all that is relevant.

          • HL Shancken

            Oh, I see. You’re a fucking narc

          • Tigerhd1

            Thought so…trying to set someone up, huh? LOL!!

          • Princefigs

            Just trying to have a friendly discussion with people who have alternate viewpoints. If you want to escalate it beyond that, that is your choice.

          • princefag hater

            you mentioned violence first you panzy bitch

          • Princefigs

            Panzy bitch? What are you…like 12? That your first big boy curse word or something?

          • TIGERHD1

            C;mon , Princefags…I AM in Florida , bitch ….

          • puzzlerok

            Had to be another shit-for-brains Floridian…


        • HL Shancken

          Do something about what? Try to change the fact that you’re an asshole?

          You boys in blue have really got it coming to you, but I’m going to wait until the Police State starts to cave in on itself before taking to the streets. Shouldn’t be all that long.

          • Princefigs

            Im not a cop. Im just not a uber emotional twat that cant look past my own little feelings in cases Im emotionally vested in. The guy was found not guilty. Therefore, he should be allowed to live his life without harassment from you people.

          • HL Shancken

            The guy who just offered up his address in reply to an internet message from a stranger he’s never met claims he’s not an emotional twat. Classic!

          • Princefigs

            I dont recall offering my address anywhere…only to meet up with you internet tough guys to test how bad ass you really are. You are welcome to the party as well.

          • HL Shancken

            That is called a distinction without a difference. And sorry for calling you a cop when in reality you’re mall security. my bad.

          • Princefigs

            Im cooler than that. Your mom knows.

          • Tigerhd1

            Ahhh , yes , you are a sheeple….don’t question authority and shit..what color? Sir? He killed the kid. He deserves it everyday,lack of justice by a corrupt system does not resolve him of any guilt.

          • Princefigs

            If you hate the system so much, then why do you want /expect justice in the form of a court verdict? You should be outraged that it went to trial and a Facebook post wasn’t simply thrown up to decide if he should be summarily executed.

          • Tigerhd1

            Did I say I hated it? No I did not…all I said was it is corrupt. Don’t twist MY words , azzhole

          • Princefigs

            So its corrupt, but you love it?

          • tigerhd1

            Never said that either TROLL. You’re too obvious.

          • Princefigs

            Trying to criticize someone into submission rather than arguing with them using logic and evidence is a common Liberal tactic. You are a Progressive Liberal (the very worst kind of person), You’re too obvious.

          • Matt Chappel

            He was found not guilty despite video recorded evidence that shows that he clearly beat an unarmed, mentally ill man to death.

            Your position that people should just leave these cops alone hinges upon the assumption that cops should be held to a different, more lenient set of laws than the rest of us.

            Had this act been perpetrated by ANY regular citizen (non-cop), they would have been found guilty of murder… Or at least manslaughter.

            The cops were found “not guilty” because the jury apparently was under the false impression that cops have the right to kill people who are mentally ill and unruly.

            Obviously, most people disagree with that assessment. I certainly do… And I certainly believe the LAST thing these cops deserve is peace of mind. They should be (at least) run out of the country. And I support any activity to that end.

          • Princefigs

            No, my position is that he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers based on evidence presented and their interpretation of the laws.

            You werent there. You arent a police officer. You dont have any clue as to what was really going on. 5 police officers were there and they all support the actions taken. The jury thought he was innocent, and they actually heard everything. Just because a verdict ends up not being what you like, doesnt make it wrong or the system corrupt.

          • Matt Chappel

            I don’t have a clue as to what was going on even though there is video evidence of the entire altercation?

            I’m not a police officer, so my opinion of the video evidence doesn’t matter? 5 cops support the act, and that makes it okay?

            You show quite a bit of favoritism toward police.

            But that’s okay…. Private businesses may serve whomever they want… Guilty verdict or not, enough people have seen the video evidence, and these cops are going to have a difficult time in the future.

            So tell me again how much that verdict matters in the grand scheme of things when EVERYONE can readily see the evidence and choose to refuse service to these men?

          • Princefigs

            If it is sooo incredibly obvious….how did a jury of his peers find him not guilty? Is there some grand conspiracy going on and the cops bought the jurors in order to protect 2 guys they ended up firing? Or did they happen to find the only jurors in the world to whom the guilt wasnt painfully obvious?

            You show quite a bit of favoritism towards the idea he was guilty.

            Ever try independent, non-emotional analysis of something before making up your mind. Evidence and logic be damned?

          • Matt Chappel

            I’m all about logical analysis minus emotions. That’s something I preach all the time. That’s the only way to assess a situation.

            But it’s fallacious to assume that I argue from an emotional perspective when I’m simply arguing from an ethical perspective. My ethics dictate that two cops ought to be able to subdue an unarmed, mentally ill man without killing him.

            I don’t see what is “emotional” about that assessment.

            A jury of his peers found him guilty because we live in a country where police can do no wrong. We live in a country where most people are happy to worship at the feet of the policeman. The precedent has been set: Cops operate on a completely different set of laws than the rest of us.

            But again… All of this is irrelevant as long as private companies continue to refuse these asshole cops service. There’s nothing you or I can do about that. Maybe under different circumstances, I’d disagree with that tactic… But this time, I’m in favor of it… And regardless of how you or I feel about that, it’s now an inevitability.

            Thank God for video recorded evidence of police behaving like the assholes we all knew they were to begin with, right?

          • Tom

            You’re either a cop or related to one. Watch the video and pretend it’s your kid. That he was found not guilty is irrelevant. We’ve all seen the video. There is absolutely no question that he is guilty.

          • Princefigs

            Wrong on both accounts. I dont even know a cop, personally. Whether or not he is/was my kid is irrelevant. That is called an appeal to emotion and is a logically fallacious argument to base your conclusion on. If there was “absolutely no question that he is guilty” then how was he found not guilty?

          • princefag hater

            tell that to the thousands of citizens harrassed by police daily because they(the citizens)beat the cops bullshit are the definition of a fucktard.

        • Jimmy

          Hey Look! A cop is posting!! Hi cop!

        • Tigerhd1

          Still waiting , PrinceFAGS…I AM in Florida….calling you out , prick.

          • Princefigs

            Princefags…thats original. Never heard that before. Drive up to Jacksonville , Florida. Lets meet somewhere to discuss our differences.

          • Tigerhd1

            Why do I need to drive? I may already BE in Jax….c’mon , tough guy…WHERE??? CALLING YOU THE FUCK OUT BITCH!

          • Princefigs

            How long would it take you to get to the LA Fitness on Kernan? There is a nice quite area behind the club that we can meet at.

          • Stephan Williams

            The psychotic murderer was filmed MURDERING A MAN! It wasn’t a faked movie, even though it turned into a snuff film. It was a Real Murder recorded for posterity by a camera that was fortuitously placed to capture the crime. He walked free, not because he was innocent, but because the (in)justice system is so corrupted that real justice is impossible! And you want people to leave him alone and let him get on with his life?!? You don’t strike me as any more stupid than most people whose opinions I disagree with so that leads me to think you’re either a loud-mouthed, obnoxious asshole with anger management problems or else a TROLL deliberately sent to this thread to derail the conversation and entrap some incautious hot head. Either way – You’re a waste of food.

          • Princefigs

            It doesnt look like a murder to me. It looked like a few cops where trying to arrest an uncooperative individual who happened to have mental issues. The uncooperative individual was actively, aggressively resisting and he ended up severing injuries because of that resistance that ended up costing him his life. Unfortunate situation, but the cops were justified in the use of force and where within the confines of the law.

          • All The Way Alive

            BS. I have seen fat cops take down 6’5″ 240 pound crack heads on a rampage without ANY blows. They are taught to do so. I have seen cops apprehend suspects that SHOT AT THEM, without returning any fire. Good cops can do it. People resist arrest all the time, and a good cop can get the perp in cuffs. These fat piece of shit are were horrible excuses for cops. They used resistance as a crutch to use WEAPONS on a defenseless human; labeling him as “armed and dangerous.” Anyone being beat to death should be armed and dangerous; maybe he could have taken one of those fat pigs out on his way to death. if it were me being beat, and I had a weapon, i would have gutted that fat pig. In short, these cops did everything wrong and all they were doing is flexing their muscles whilst using weapons and gang mentality of 5 against 1.

          • Princefigs

            You “called me out” but I noticed that once I gave you a place, time, and date, you got pretty quite. Guess you arent as ballsy as you thought.

        • elborracho

          Why dont you go fuck your mother in the ass and then lick your fathers dirty asshole you punk motherfucker.

        • geicogecko

          waow….look at this guy, thinks he’s mr. balloon hands…lead me to the building? fuck you

        • RationalActor

          Really, this doesn’t make you look edgy, or trustable, Princefigs. You may not realize it, in fact i’m sure of it, that trust of the community is the only real tool a police force has. Everything else is just paramilitary gangs.

          If you deny the harm this created no matter the verdict, you’re being dishonest. That harm didn’t go away. It’s still there.

          • Princefigs

            I dont really care about looking “edgy” or “trustable” on an online forum. I don’t see anything wrong with the way they handled that situation. The guy wouldn’t comply, it seemed, and they used necessary force to make him comply. Don’t physically resist and you don’t get your skull crushed in.

          • RationalActor

            “If 6 million people had just submitted, they wouldn’t have had to send them to death camp”

            stay classy — and god help you – healthy.

    • J Gautreaux

      So was Casey Anthony. It’s not about innocence or guilt, it’s what you can prove. Even Scalia said this, many people in the system (and outside) have acknowledged this. Sadly, people have misunderstandings about how the law works. I suggest we all educate ourselves.

      • Michael Summers

        In the case of Casey Anthony there was no video evidence of the crime committed. In any court of law, the video of Thomas’ beating should have been concrete proof this violent criminal had both the means and the intent to conduct bodily harm on an unarmed citizen, and carried out that intent without any remorse whatsoever. Face it, the verdict was decided before the trial was even in session.

    • Michael Summers

      Live in peace? Ha! I doubt this poor excuse of a man knows what peace even means. The only reason he was found not guilty was because the system doesn’t want taxpayers to pick up the tab for putting him in jail. In the civil suit however, he WILL get crushed.

      • Princefigs

        Are you a lawyer as well as a social critic?

        • Michael Summers

          Are you a moron as well as a troll? YES. How about you stop hiding behind that screen name and use your real name, attention seeking loser.

          • Princefigs


    • TIGERHD1

      TROLL ON BOARD EVERYONE…Name is Princefags….oops…figs….a fool out to be heard from his mama’s basement , keyboard warrior , acts tough yet when one IS near , won’t meet. More internet bullshit from a wanna be boot-licker.

      • Princefigs

        You just hate opinions that arent in line with your own. If you want to meet up to discuss things face to face, I told you where. I will be there at 7:00pm tonight. Wearing a gray tanktop, black shorts, Newblance shoes. You seem like a coward, so I will give you the ability to see me before you commit to do something.

        • HL Shancken

          obvious narc is obvious

          • Princefigs

            Obvious old internet saying is obvious

        • Michael Summers

          Don’t forget to bring your date some flowers. Wouldn’t expect anything less from such a gentleman.

          • Princefigs

            Why thank you, kind sir,for the thoughtful suggestion.

    • S Cleston


      TAMPA — A 20-yr-old girl’s family has filed a lawsuit against a cop after their daughter was left in a brain-dead, vegetative state until she died.

      This is Danielle Maudsley before she was Tased to death by the officer.

      Officer Cole, who was known as “Trigger Happy Trooper,” can be seen on dashcam video Tasing the girl until she passed into a vegetative state (footage below).

      She clearly posed no threat to the officer, but he Tased her anyway.

      She was in handcuffs at the time.

      Once he Tased her in her back, she fell to the pavement and became paralyzed.

      She said, “I can’t get up.”

      The officer sneered, “I don’t want you to get up,” as the high voltage electricity made its way through her limp body.

      After surviving in a vegetative state for some time, she finally died, leaving behind her family and community.

      Danielle Maudsley is pictured in a brain-dead state after being Tased by the officer.

      The officer was cleared afterwards and was not convicted of murder. Her family is hoping that will change.

      10 News reports that the same officer was also being sued by a cemetery owner whom he shot in 2012.

      Regarding the dashcam footage of Danielle Maudsley being Tased to death, the attorney states, “This is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve ever seen.”

      “Once you watch this, you can’t get it out of your head.” he added.

      Danielle was handcuffed and trying to avoid the officer, wanting to be left alone at the time the incident occurred.

      Rather than simply grabbing her, the officer opened fire with his Taser gun, shocking her until she collapsed and smashed her skull against the concrete.

      This illustrates once again a psychopathy among officers, unnecessarily inflicting pain on Americans. Sometimes abusing and even killing people for fun.

      Often they can be heard bragging about it afterwards, or laughing and high-fiving each other in total disregard for citizens.

      After Americans protested the beating death of Kelly Thomas, they were arrested and thrown into a police van.

      As they were transported to jail, cops could be heard laughing and saying “There’s a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your fucking faces in.”

      Another cop added, “And I’ve got two words for all of you, ‘Not Guilty,’” prompting the officers to laugh.

      Another incident in which a young boy was Tased to death included reports of cops laughing and joking about how the boy’s private part “tightened up” as they electrocuted him to death.

      Dashcam footage of Danielle Maudsley’s murder is included below. Discretion is strongly advised.

    • Jake Sweetser

      You’re cute.

  • George

    Wow. At least there is some justice after all.
    Hopefully the next step will happen soon.

  • kirkmcloren

    corrupt system set murderers free

  • Lauralea Alexis Dahl

    I wish people would do this to all pedophiles, gang stalkers and masons too. Piece of shit scumbags.

  • Mr. Sir

    I like how your sources are from your own site.

  • Mike

    Too bad a group of armed citizens did not draw their guns and surround the cops in this video and ordered the cops to stop beating the man or be shot.

    • HL Shancken

      That day is not too far off. I truly believe that and much else will happen, and this government will hang.

      Recommended reading:

      • RationalActor

        that wasn’t the “government”, that’s not a helpful anthropomorphization, rather, this was the work of organized crime, of gangs. Don’t look to the top when it’s people, actual people, who do horrors.

        Not In Our Names.

    • AmericansAreCowards

      Yeah, too bad. Considering how often Americans use their 2nd Amendment to fight tyranny and oppression, this is a huge surprise.

      The whole world is wondering why this situation ended so differently to all of the other times Americans fought back against their oppressive owners.

  • Randall Williams

    he is not free . he has been convicted by his peers . hoorah !!! he thought he got away with it .

    • All The Way Alive

      He is alive and able to root anywhere he wants. I’d take that over being locked in a 5×9 cell or dead.

  • fuck a cop kill them all

    where are the hackers? ruin these fuckers lives!

  • Stoney

    I am just wondering where was all this people when Kelly Thomas was a homeless guy. Why didn’t his dad help him then.. Sorry for your lose and them cops should fry. But why didn’t know one care for this guy before he died??

    • HL Shancken

      Not really the topic here. In fact, it is a distraction from the real issue.

      • Stoney

        why cause its the truth and it hurts. No one cared about this poor guy tell he was killed and that is the really sad and the biggest fucking problem.

        • HL Shancken

          It is self-evident that it is a distraction, as is this post to which I reply. The fact that a cop got away with murder and is now rightly ostracized by the community is the issue is the subject of the post. If you want to talk about poor parenting you should do so elsewhere.

        • Phillip Cantu

          No, the “biggest fucking problem” is that ass hats like Cicinelli and Ramos get to walk free AND get rewarded $40k even after an entire court room views evidence that CLEARLY proves them guilty. Quit distracting from the real issue at hand, Gomer.

          • Princefigs

            If it was so “clear” why were they found (rightful so) not guilty?

        • Jose Podres

          No, because its not the issue. Maybe he was homeless by choice, and just because no one showed affection, doesn’t mean they didn’t care. Also even if they didn’t care, he didn’t deserved to be beaten to death

          • mike

            exactly what I was thinking Jose.
            seriously Stoney why would you assume nobody cared for him I have to believe his family loved him very much before his murder and still love him to this day as Jose said he may have chose his lifestyle and felt he needed no help till he was getting beat to death.

    • Doge Wallace

      Yeah, why didn’t the police care for a mentally ill man?

  • Peter Straw

    Excellent post Ray.

  • nQQn

    This means there is still hope in the US, my respects for those people who showed the rest of America the least thing to do against a criminal. Now when will America start doing the same for the big ones, The president, congress, the judiciary and the media?

  • hurricaine

    that was horrific there was way more then those two cops what happened to them are they all still cops and its being recorded why didn’t the citizeens try to help;(

    • Michael Summers

      To be fair when the other officers pulled up they didn’t know what was going on. They’re trained to act fast, and all they saw was their colleagues in a tussel. For all they knew, Thomas’ could have been armed and dangerous. That is, if they simply passed by and weren’t sent there for backup; I don’t quite recall if that information was discussed.

      • All The Way Alive

        BS! Cops are trained how to spot threats, act on threats with minimal violence, and so on. I have seen GOOD cops be SHOT at, and apprehend their suspect without ANY shots fired back. Now, I don’t suggest that method, but that is what they are trained to do. ANYWAYS, anyone can be seen as armed and dangerous. But, Kelly was being BEAT TO DEATH. He should have been armed and dangerous and took out a cop or two as they murdered him. If I was in his shoes, and I felt like I was being beat to death, and I was armed, I would have gutted that fat pig.

        • Michael Summers

          Your logic is extremely flawed my friend. Those aren’t good cops, those are stupid cops. Everyone has a right to Self Defense when their life is in danger (even against law enforcement), that’s plain common sense or at least it should be.
          Trained for minimal violence? No, they’re trained and authorized to successfully incapacitate threats, even if it means using deadly force; that’s why they’re trained to shoot in the chest and gut, not the limbs.
          And how exactly can “anyone be seen as ARMED and dangerous” when they’re not ARMED with a weapon?
          You also seem to have missed my point. All I was saying is that there’s less light shed on the other officers that arrived at the scene AFTER the altercation had already been initiated, BECAUSE they weren’t there when it all started; and thus had no context as to what was going on. Like I said before, all they saw was their colleagues rolling around with a suspect. Suspect could have been a felon who assaulted the officer, could have had a weapon and was being disarmed, anything really. And as I said before, that’s ONLY IF they weren’t informed of the details by dispatch on the way there.
          In that case, only AFTER everything was all said and done would they have realized the full extent of what they had just got involved in. And unlike Cicinelli and Ramos, they may be remorseful about it. Not to say there aren’t plenty of other charges they could have been brought up on.
          I completely agree with the last half of your comment though.

        • Michael Summers

          Not sure why my reply was removed. I agree with the last half of your statement, despite the many “if” scenarios. But trained for minimal violence? No, they’re trained to successfully incapacitate threats using deadly force. Sole reason they’re taught to shoot in the gut and chest and not the limbs.
          How exactly can “anyone be seen as armed and dangerous” when they’re not armed with weapon? Doesn’t make too much sense. They may seem dangerous, but certainly not armed.
          Also you misunderstood my point. All I was saying is those officers that joined later POSSIBLY had no context as to what was going ASSUMING they had simply passed by and weren’t sent there by dispatch. If that is the case, then It’s POSSIBLE that for all they knew, Ramos and Cicinelli could have been disarming a violent felon. Now is that what really happened? No. But were the other cops ever informed of all the details of the suspect as they approached the scene? I don’t know, it’s possible that they were, it’s also possible that they weren’t; I haven’t read anything that clarifies since all the light is being shed on the two that initiated the altercation.
          Additionally, those aren’t good cops but stupid cops. Any person has the right to Self Defense when their life is in danger. Best believe I’m shooting back if I get shot at first, cop or not.

          • All The Way Alive

            When I said everyone should be considered armed and dangerous was more or less aimed towards the notion that we all should be. Second, you don’t need a weapon to be ‘armed and dangerous.’ If need be, I could take my belt buckle off and kill someone- or I could use my fists. And I never said these were good cops. No way. There are indeed a lot of great cops out there that do their job and do it well… then there are these pigs.

  • fatwillie

    Keep up the great work Ray

  • AZ

    This is a really bad and tragic thing. Unjustice is the axe at the root of democracy. In fact, then there is no democracy !

  • Jack Doty

    This cannot be described as anything but murder.

  • Thanks for linking my video. This was one of the worst cases of police brutality I had ever seen and the verdict was absolutely sickening yet not really surprising :-/

    • Heron Simmonds-Price

      This is an awful case. I cried when I first saw the video after it happened. It was inconceivable to me that they continued to beat him as he cried for his father. But do you know about Emmit Till? The 14 year old boy who was murdered by police officers? They were acquitted and then bragged about how they did it in print. Dig it! They were not ostracized, but rather treated as heroes in their state of Mississippi. These sorts of awful things have been happening to African Americans in this country for centuries. Maybe it was the worst case of police brutality that has come to so much public light. But Emmit Till’s body was mutilated over the course of days. Truly sick shit. All justified by him whistling at a white woman. I wonder what justification this guy used while killing Kelly Thomas? …

  • juggernaut866

    Kind of hard to roll on your stomach while a taser is in the process of firing! Farking jerks.

  • Mercenary1

    Chill out people, you touch him and you will be going to jail. And his thug Brothers will be the ones taking you there. Leave him a lone, he has the mark of Cain on him. He will be shunned like a Pedophile, he will have difficulty getting work, his life is over. He can never undo what he has done. If he ever realizes what he has done he may end up taking his own life. He has shamed himself, his family and their name.

  • Kristi Lynae

    So they took care of the guy that they just didn’t want to deal with anymore. I assume part of their jobs are to deal with people like this and or on drugs. Not enough training to deal with the mentally ill or someone who is impaired. You ass Ramos ! You may be a cop but, you’ll never be a good one. What happened to protect and serve. I hope everyone one of you pigs burn in hell ! Karma !! I was just sick when I watched this man calling for his dad. RIP !!

  • Ray

    Where’s the Boondock Saints when we need em’?

  • RationalActor

    That was a death sentence, handed down, no judge or jury, on a man who did nothing more than affront not one, but FIVE sociopaths with guns, in public.

    This is an affront to all Americans everywhere, to see life treated like no more than a crushed coke can, that much is obvious.

    May Ramos, and all of them, find no rest on this Earth while the shade of Kelly dreams of the life he might be having now, safe amongst his citizens in a land that once meant more.

  • Alicia Hertz

    Not Guilty!? Guy deserves to be outcast fro the USA.

  • Princefigs

    Amazing how Libtards on this site believe that it is ok to TORTURE AND MURDER these two cops yet fail to see how it is painfully hypocritical it is for them to say that.

  • Kristi Lynae

    Well Hell if that’s all it takes is a badge to beat , and kill a person …I am in !! So , it was ok for the cops to beat and torture a man but, not ok for anyone else to want justice ? That’s really libertarded then Prince . I watched that video and I really don’t think the man was out of control and I believe they were most likely harassing him until it was time to pounce and do away with a so called nuisance they thought they had. The man must of said sorry more than 10 times. No officer has a right to be judge and jury and if they think they do then whatever karma comes there way …..THEY ASKED FOR IT !!!

  • Jeremy Smith

    STAND UP PEOPLE! The only thing that makes him have power over you is a piece of metal shaped like a shield… that’s it… he bleeds red like the rest of us. If you are sick of police state USA then for god sakes stand your ground and fight back. Kick his ass next time, and the next time after that and maybe power tripping cops will get the hint. THEY WORK FOR US, THEY DONT CONTROL US…. you pay this cock suckers salary. You want justice, well you won’t find it in the American justice system…. they protect their own, just like a union. The whole justice system knows that they have the citizens of the USA by their balls and can do whatever they want because no one has stood against them since the 60’s. They are in control of you and you sit by and pay their salaries every week with taxes… its sickening to see such a great nation of hard working people brought to its knees by some fat guys with metal badges… FEAR US FOR OUR STRENGTH COMES IN NUMBERS!

  • Discussed

    Disgusting is all I can say. how is it took four grown men to apprehend just one man but still had to beat him to death using flash lights,tazser elbows an all most 400 ponds or maybe more to hold him down these cops should be shown this video over and over for the rest of there lives in a 5 x8 cell with sound and that’s all they hear is Kelly asking for help so maybe one day they to can understand how all of us feel when we watch this video just once

  • Chaosfeminist



    These officers will probably follow the same course as George Zimmerman and O.J. Simpson. Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Simpson were also “acquitted” by a jury but they can’t escape public opinion. They’ve been in trouble over and over again ever since their “acquittal”. These officers will re offend, it’s just a matter of time.

  • Chewbacka Grizelda

    Folks, do you realize that the more you post hate-related stuff, even with the best of intentions, the more likely it is your buts are going to wind up prosecuted and convicted for it? Try to remain civil. What he did was wrong, and he shouldn’t have been acquitted, and I think it’s perfectly right and good that he be forced out of American establishments. But that has to be where it stops. This isn’t about being “bigger people” than him. It’s about not having more and more people wind up in prison or even dead themselves because of him. He’s a small fish, and he ain’t worth it.

    • Time To Hesitate Is Through

      Convicted of what? Exercising 1st Amendment free speech?

      Fuck the USSA.

  • Jake Sweetser

    I’m ready to stand up.

    Are you?

  • redneck trucker

    Spanish cop kills a white person it’s outrage, a white cop kills black or Hispanic and it’s oh well they deserved it..a fucked up world we live in…

    • the p00dah

      How about you stop with the race baiting bullsh!t and just look at the case for what it was and stop bringing other cases into it? He was murdered, plain and simple.

    • Origanalist

      Shouldn’t your screen name be ” dum bass race baiting redneck trucker”?

    • defmbqwerty

      You’ve got it all wrong. This is humans vs subhumans. Cops are sociopaths who enjoy killing and getting ahead by circumventing the law.

    • JoeCushing

      Really? One time when white cops killed a black man, the whole city rioted

  • randy deresti

    The only thing more disgusting than the pigs who did this are the courts that set them free.

  • Time To Hesitate Is Through



  • Eric Martinez

    You guys talk about lets beat this “murder up”.But isnt the same hypocrisy as Christians killing in the name of god.

    • John Titor

      It’s not even close to the same, especially since he doesn’t exist. If your mentally disabled son was beaten to death by 2 worthless pigs, you’d wanna see them walk free? Grow some balls, pussy.

      • Eric Martinez

        Am i mentally disabled?,I could be. In fact yes …yes I am .It also could be that even some one of your non mental disabled mind can see that violence as rule of thumb to grade ones manhood is in its self flawed and pointless self defeating policy.That being said There is now way that if any one did that to any one I knew whether it was a guy i saw for the first time,or my own daughter they are never going to go to bed happy again. Its the absolute power corrupts absou….well u know the rest.If you believe in the constitution and the system to a point then you have to let that system work for you if you do the same thing out of hate or out of any other reason is putting you on the same level as ( 2 worthless pigs)the ones you hate.Or i could be wrong thats just my opinion.

        • Guest

          I wasn’t calling you mentally disabled, I only disagreed with your analogy. Looks like we agree for the most part.

  • Thought-Criminal

    This is how things should work. Say NO to killer cops in your community. Thanks for posting this.

  • Charlie Red

    “Any American who enacts justice upon Ramos would surely be hailed as a hero and honored for generations.”

    He is a piece of shit, no doubt, but to promote vigilante justice in the form of violence is irresponsible. The court technically declared him innocent and we must honor that. We also have all seen the video and we know the truth. Shunning this man from our society is good enough. He may not be in a 5×5 jail cell, but the silent treatment and rejection from millions, daily, has to be far worse.

  • T_Snizzle

    Should have the same treatment for the judge that found him not guilty

  • James Giordano

    Some one needs to come to power that is righteous in nature who can decern true right and wrong. We need to purge the corrupt and restore true justice this country is not gone its just complacent.

    • Eric Martinez

      Sounds good James,but i think its so hard becuse Good ,Bad ,Right ,Wrong are all human constructs that we put in place. To keep the society ging that we all know people that cross these boundaries must be punished.

  • Billy The Kid

    I hope Manuel Ramos gets stomach cancer

  • Heron Simmonds-Price

    This is soooo Amerikkka. Black people have been unjustly killed by cops for generations without end. The consequence is that more people are getting it now. From homeless white men, like this poor guy, to grandmas like a case in Texas where a cop assaulted a lady over 70 years old at a traffic stop. But it takes outrageous police behavior reaching white people for there to be moral outrage in the white sectors of the public.

    When black people riot due to their perception of government corruption they are lawless savages. Here we have I suspect white people talking about taking the law in their own hands and attacking an ex-cop because NOW a line has been crossed. Okay. Well I don’t want to see vigilante justice. I want to see real justice. I want to see this fucked-up system reformed, not a new variant of the KKK.

    Police have impunity in their use of violence. District Attorney’s have impunity in who they choose to prosecute and coerce. State legislatures are allowed to draft laws that disenfranchise people, usually people of color (blacks and Latino immigrants), women’s rights are still capped and under attack, workers marginalized, the environment in crisis, on and on. What’s the solution get guns and take the law in our own hands? Hell No!

    It’s pass time for us to fucking evolve to a society that lives up to justice and fairness. That’s the real solution. Change this miserable system that is still racist, still sexist, more exploitative of the vulnerable poor than ever, and the foundational injustice is the exploitation of Mother Earth. Okay. Now the knuckle heads can attack me…

  • Thom Yorke Siegel

    As usual, I’m in awe of how many people are commenting that they want violent retribution against a violent psychopath. Be better than him, not the same.

  • Lion of Omega

    These cops, along with those who found them “not guilty”, and the national media that censored the story, will be thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone following the Day of Judgement. Their elite sorcerers and Satan himself will not be able to override that. The “free” masons will not succeed in freeing themselves from Justice.

  • Lee Smith

    many officers commit suicide as a result of the stress? why is this pig still alive then?

  • wazz’irr

    Its easy see. Take a thin glass rod. Insert into his urethra and smash with hammer. Not only will he want to rip it off every day that he decides to keep living. In turn he’ll never reproduce.

    • oldwoman

      Do you often think up ways to torture people? That would seem to indicate you’re closer to the officer Ramos end of the spectrum than the “good guy” end.

  • Dat dewd who h8 errybody

    He will get what’s coming to him eventually. Scum of the earth pig.

  • A great teacher

    Commenting on his attire sinks you down nearer to his level. Sticking to the facts should suffice.

  • Ron Cre

    I do not see two officers should be in prison, I see 4

  • Ron Cre

    All I can say.. You live in CommieFornia, you keep electing corrupt democratic Communist, it will get worse, not better.

    • Oscar Madison


  • PISSED OFF!!!!!!

    He deserves to be jumped and treated like he treated Kelly. Cops have forgotten who they work for. It is not your fucking job to protect your “bosses” from us. It is your job to protect us period. Local law enforcement should be the peoples army. Not nike or pepsi’s henchmen. Figure it out!!!!

  • Oscar Madison

    It’s disturbing to see all the people just stand by and watch. I came upon a cop beating a young woman and I intervened. Yes, I ultimately got my ass beat and went to jail (for one day) but the women is alive today. Don’t just stand there do something!

  • M. La Raza, will get them letz see livers worth 5K

  • Mark

    Freaking pig who is drinking to disguise his guilt. I have no respect for any cop and if pulled over you better have a reason or your going to get some of your own treatment trust me. I’m well trained in the arts of self defense and if I’m in fear of my life, freak I will just use the same excuse as you did. What an injustice to obedient freaks who do our politicians dirty work. Freak you cop, come pick on someone your own size you coward. Five on one, I promise I will gladly spend time in jail if you take away my civil liberties.

  • Diekefirts

    What he did is his karma, what you do to him is your karma.

  • Timothy Miller

    sooner or later there will be snipers and the cops will know that the people know them for who they are.

  • Freddy Privett

    This POS should be in prison for life. I hope he receives swift justice from karma.

  • Mark

    This bitch better have eyes in the back of his fucking head. You have a price motherfucker and the grim wheeper awaits you in hell. Hell haith no fury then someone who’s lived it. Better watch what scene you just so happen to arrive too. Fucking pig! I have more respect for fucking snakes then your ass which will be invaded while you scream like the pig you are. I’m sure this is what is coming for you

  • keepyourheaddown

    anyone who takes the life of someone else, will suffer the greater,
    you reap what you sow
    no exceptions, you meet what you have metered out…
    that is law!!!
    god will not be mocked…

  • Mark

    Yeah keep freaking deleting my post. Your crap and if this isn’t freedom of speech then I will see you in court. Not everyone is poor and homeless like this man was. If the courts can’t see the true injustice done to this man then screw our Governor! Our elected officials and the cowards in Congress who turn their backs n this case. He murdered this man. He wasn’t anything but cooperative. These cops are hired by the elite and I know this as I’m one of them who now hires firms which will do their business no matter what. This cop will always be haunted by this poor defenseless man who had only one default. Someone didnt like his way of living. Can we not be in disagreement on how we live. The fact that thousand of mental treatment facilities across our nation have been shut down because se of the few that abuse it. I compare this to Hitler, no disrespect to my Jewish friends. Was he just not worthy of life? Did he have a difference ie mental illness that made him an outcast to the rich. Please people don’t let this go. Next time it might be someone you love. Now post this and stop censorship or I will file and you know I will win. Talk to your lawyer before you delete people who are logical and have the support of those you don’t know.

  • I wonder if he liked the dirt and pubic hair in his meal. He should stick to only eating at home from now on.

  • Spoiled Bunny

    Its unbelivable that this actually does happen. All those involved should’ve been charged. They were laughing.. They were having a good time beating this poor man to death. I believe in the do onto others as u would want done onto u. Beat their asses just like they beat Kelly.

  • C.m. Johnston


  • Tony

    Thank you Ray!!!

  • Rick

    Why are the ‘authorities’ so lame in protecting the public, this is stranger than strange the whole murder is caught on video and these guys walk free so much for justice

  • Scottie Payne

    Then suddenly, a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill

    Stone, and threw it into The

    *Atlantic Ocean,*

    and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!!

    Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!

    The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

    • Mark

      Stop using religion as an example, all religion is responsible for more deaths then all wars combined. Don’t use the faith card for this fairy tale man in the sky. Where was Jesus when millions of Jews were slaughtered, inside one of the gas chambers someone inscribed a note. If there is a god he better watch out for my fury. Hawkings, Hitchens and so many other scholars, the weak believe in religion, the smart don’t, and the powerful use it as a weapon. Religion my ass. Go Sunday and as you fill the coppers look up this, simply type in on the Internet, UN demands Catholic Church to give up Phedophiles. Go ahead and the whole smoke and mirrors will suggest Pope Francis who promised to be transparent in these matters are sending these Phedophiles to third world nations where there is no help, civil action against these creeps. I think Francis played all Americans and Catholics really well. It’s not about transparency but empty pews because of the hundred of thousands of Phedophiles being sheltered and protected by God and his people. This is fact from the UN and not faith or fairy tales.

      • allthings

        So Mark you choose to believe in the evolutionary fairy tale instead? Don’t blame God for the sins of man, or your own hypocritical sin. It’s called free will. Maybe your the guy that wants God to control the actions of every man but you. “God needs to stop people from doing bad things…..except for me”. You ever wished someone was dead? Another tidbit, everyone has religion.

  • Joshua Fraim

    don’t forget those two off duty deputies that murdered a down syndrome man in a theater over a misunderstanding. all disabled people beware, cops are murdering our kind and the courts are saying it’s legal.

    • oldwoman

      Then we need to stop listening to the “courts” and start listening to our consciences. This guy can be “not guilty” all day long, but if regular people let him know that his “not-guiltiness” and a buck will get him a bad cup of coffee, and he’s not welcome in polite society, maybe people like him will straighten up.

  • cetude

    The parents let their mentally ill son live outside. It’s every bit their fault too.

    • oldwoman

      Horse puckey. He was an adult, legally not within their control. And you have no idea what the parents did or didn’t do to try to get him off the streets.

  • JON


    • oldwoman

      If you meant karma, it seems it already is. It’s a pretty bad way when you can’t even eat at a DENNY’s!

  • Aphropik

    Five police cars were for them… in case they decided to do something which they didn’t… #chemtrailswork #theywatch #wewatch #andwatch #andwatch

  • big daddy ray

    john titor you say you are from the year 2036 i love to talk to you about what you might think of us right now i dont trust anything on this time line hope to here from you

  • Timdog

    Fuckin pigs make me sick. Fuck everyone of them. Pieces of shit. They should have got them all.

  • Sean

    If any of them had any balls, they’d have all jumped him outside and beat him to death. Bunch of cowards in my opinion.

    • oldwoman

      Yes, because the way to show people that we don’t tolerate violence is always to use some.

      • Sean

        Maybe you missed the part where he BEAT A MAN TO DEATH!!!!!!

        • oldwoman

          Maybe you missed the part where beating people to death makes you a bad person, and a sociopath.

          • Sean

            Really, what part was that, you coward?

          • oldwoman

            It seems you also missed the part where a group of people “all jump[ing] him outside and beat[ing] him to death” isn’t actually “bravery.”

          • Sean

            Did he and a fellow armed police officer not jump an unarmed man and beat him to death? It’s called justice… What’s your next bit of trash?

          • oldwoman

            What is happening to him–having decent people refuse to even be in the same room with him, being unable to comfortably even go out for bad food–is “justice.” What you’re proposing is just more violence by one group of self-righteous sociopaths on another.

          • Sean

            But he can still go out for bad food, and he can still have people refuse to be in the same room with him, Kelly Thomas can’t…

          • oldwoman

            And everyone else turning themselves into the same type of violent, raging scum that Ramos showed himself to be will not change that. It will only make more violent raging scum. You can’t make the world less violent by using violence to show violent people that violence is wrong. “We (whack) DON’T (smack) tolerate (punch) VIOLENCE (boom)! Does that make sense even to you?

          • Sean

            Are you retarded?

          • oldwoman

            No. Are you?

          • Thelonious Mahler Crate

            Don’t feed the trolls.

    • noprivacyallowed373

      The point was made without violence. He was shunned, and he is a marked man for the violence he did to Kelly Thomas. I will never understand how he and the others were found not guilty. Fear on the part of the jury? He’s an animal as well as the others who took part.

  • Mark

    Fucking pigs and southern Californians the world is watching, please don’t let this go. Keep up the battle for a civilized police force and where the hell is the Governor and remember those who didnt react, didnt reach out and help this man, all you bitches that stood by and watched should all be embarrassed and hang your heads low. You watched a man scream for his Dad, for his life, a schizophrenic who couldn’t help himself. Starving poor and mentally ill. Remember the black cop who went down fighting, now you know why. The system is corrupt and not one counselor gave a fuck. Next time it could be your child and to the Dad, where are your balls? It’s obvious he was on the streets a long time. Then America gets upset because Hoffman died, not me, he chose the easy way out and left three beautiful children the legacy of knowing their father chose drugs when millions if given the means that he had with plush rehab centers would undoubtedly get help. This is America where we beat people to death. Talking about a nineteen year old kid doing nineteen year old stuff we all did, except he has money but he’s still a teenager. Egg gate my ass. Who’s investigating this and where is the district attorney and if you don’t vote these cowards out of office, your all cowards in southern Cal. Sorry I’m pissed but please vote accordingly. The cops work for us people and so do their bosses, our tax dollars don’t pay for murderers. Ramos wonder how this prick got his job but I already know. To all the parents out there with homeless kids, try, help, do whatever it takes. They need loved ones and isn’t it so ironic Sam cried out for his dad as he lay dying. Please help your kids no matter what it takes. Get them help as there are many places for them to go. I’m ashamed to be American and more ashamed i didn’t even know about this earlier or else I would have jumped a plane and been there with you protesters, that’s courage, that’s more balls then these cops will ever have. Someone please take these motherfuckers out. Not just out of your restaurants but your neighborhood. The only way evil exist is if good men do nothing!

    • Trace Smith

      I applaud your comment and also wanted to say if you view the tape..Kelly wasn’t bothering anyone including the police. He was sitting down telling them he wanted to go to sleep. This prick harassed Kelly because a COMPANY complained they he slept by their building. Because he slept by their building!!!!! If your homeless no compassion from corporate. Just get the fuck off their sidewalk. What a loss of humanity that you pick on someone less fortunate then you!!!!

  • nolickspittles

    Cops like him should be in jail or shunned

  • Bill D

    Good for this scumbag! Why do these cops always get off when they do the most horrible things?

  • JoeBobDaniles

    What feral swine.

  • Gunny Lowery

    Join Copwatch or filmingcops, carry a simple HD Dashcam and make use of your cell cams. Do not ignore stops, stop a respectful distance and film. You’re under the 1st amendment and should they try to stop you, you have another example of Police State enforcement to post on social media.

    Until we stand up and say “enough already” they will continue to “serve and protect”. Bear in mind, that oath is to the city, county or jurisdiction, not to you. So remember, much like HR at a company, they serve their masters…not you.

    Lock ‘n’ load…revolution is coming

    GySgt Lowery

  • Walt Maueroeder

    As much as I don’t like crooked cops, but we are a land with laws and they were found by a jury not guilty. Unless you were at the court and watched all the evidence, or you know for a fact that the prosecutors did not do their job, then you can not believe without a shadow of a doubt that they are guilty.

    This is what the founding fathers fought for. A rule of law by the people and not mob mentality nor a tyranny. Please watch the John Adams miniseries and see how he defended the British soldiers that shot and killed civilians in the Boston Massacre.

    • oldwoman

      You can watch the video and see that, whether or not he was “found guilty,” the man is a psychopathic killer, lacking in any human decency. That’s all people need to know in order to know that they don’t want to be around him.

      • Trace Smith

        Right on. It’s because of people like Walt cops and politians are getting away w/ murder and corruption. I wonder if Walt has ever heard of corrupt officials? Because that’s definitely what happened here. Kelly was murdered and it’s all on tape. These fat ass pigs train for situations like this but yet they have 10 cops on one guy tasing and beating him. Maybe Walt should see Kelly’s face!!!! Maybe Walt should go threw what Kelly went threw and he would understand. Enough of the corruption and we’re getting to the point where we will not take it anymore!!!!

        • Covington13

          “I wonder if Walt has ever heard of corrupt officials? Because that’s definitely what happened here.”

          Absolutely! These people that act like a court’s decision is infallible and devoid of corruption have to be grossly naive. Apparently, we’re not supposed to believe our lying eyes and just bend over and take it.

  • :0) Jayz view

    I agree what he did is cruel and should be in prison, be we cannot have anarchy because of such men. No person should be denied to be where they want to be and eat where they want to eat. America stands for rights and freedom, no matter who you are. We cannot lower ourselves to this man’s level.

    • Trace Smith

      O yes we can!!! Enough of the corruption!!! Enough!!!!!! More people need to stand up and fight all the corruption…after all it’s because we stood around doing what you have suggested that has gotten us to this point where cops murder people, Washington murders people both domestically and overseas. They’re ripping us off and taking our rights away. ENOUGH!!!!!

    • Garnette

      Good and decent people who would never beat a man beyond recognition and until death have rights and freedoms also. I applaud the people who stood up and objected to his presence. He should get that everywhere he goes.

  • William Dedee

    Ramos, you are a pig, and I hope that for the rest of your life that every place you enter, you are haunted by throngs of citizens that will NEVER forget the injustice you committed while hiding behind a badge .You may escape justice in this world, but let me assure you there will be no denial of justice in the next.

    • Thelonious Mahler Crate


    • Trace Smith

      I agree…but if his life is anything like it was here at Denny’s…he’ll suffer here and the next if he doesn’t get right w/ God!!! He should get on his hands and knees and beg Kelly’s dad for forgiveness and beg us citizens for forgiveness. Instead, he walks around like a huge cock sucker that got away with pure murder!!!!!

  • Brian

    I saw this back in 1981, in Dallas TX, the DPD killed a black man, I was standing on the street selling pot, I’m a white kid, at the time living in an all black neighborhood selling pot. They beat that man to death, he was doing nothing just sitting on the curb. No one had phones or cameras. They got away with it. I talked to an internal investigations police and he told me to shut my mouth if I knew what was good for me. I moved out west to New Mexico to get away from them. The police came by my house later that night, after I spoke to the investigator, and shined a beam of light into my window at my home. I see even cameras mean nothing anymore, cold blooded murder and they walk away, never trusted them or cared for them, never will.

  • Mark Page

    When I used to hear American politicians going on about being the world’s cop I never got it. Now I understand what they mean.

  • Holly Johnson French

    I am planning to shut down the town I live in because I can’t make DC in May so I am protesting with anyone and everyone But I will be armed with The Flag, and this document along with the bill of rights and the constitution of US and state. this document should be carried by all!!!!

  • Holly Johnson French

    If you are tired of all the BS then get off your butts and show what you are made of join us for:
    THIS MUST GO VIRAL!! “OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING: Beginning Of Tyranny Housecleaning, May 16, 2014 We the People MARCH ON DC!

    Published on Nov 21, 2013: A retired Army general, Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, is demanding Congress and all branches of our government to do their “Constitutional duties” demanding the “forced resignations” of Obama and other administration officials. Vallely is the former deputy commanding general of Pacific Command. He said there needs to be a grass-roots campaign that includes pr…See More
    Washington, District of Columbia
    View Map · Get Directions

    • Thelonious Mahler Crate

      This needed to happen way before Obama.

  • RowdyBear

    Kill him… I dunno, just a suggestion.

  • Trace Smith

    And the other cop that has a screwed up eye to go along w/ his screwed up personality wants his job back…hahahahahahahahahahah

  • Dan

    There was a time when the citizens would have delt with this scum bag by tar and feather .

  • Opaque Blinders

    Probably the most disgusting video I have ever seen. I watched the full video only a few months ago. I thought for sure all would be convicted. I was wrong but he has to live with this stuff as long as we all remember.

  • Krystal Winzer

    I hope someone kills this fat ugly fucker.

  • dorraine

    I am truly sorry for your loss, this world needs a wake up call humans are just getting way out of control hate and anger is killing this world and its not teaching our children anything, this will just get worse in time god help our future generation.

  • Capatin A

    Manuel Ramos, you are a murderer !

  • Guest

    I pray for God that Manuel Ramos & Jay Cecinelli are destroyed

  • Pig Slaughter

    I pray to God that Manuel Ramos & Jay Cecinelli are destroyed

  • Pete Moss

    I pray to God that Manuel Ramos & Jay Cecinelli are destroyed

  • Pete Moss

    I pray to God that Manuel Ramos & Jay Cecinelli are destroyed

  • Gyre54

    Great Job! Make that fat pig squeal!

  • Lunarstruck

    He’s a bully and the public should NEVER tolerate bullies picking on weaker people – and then KILLING THEM. Keep it up!

  • Lunarstruck

    Which Denny’s was this?

  • Gordon Freeman

    The video of them killing this guy makes me want to vomit. I have seen it 2 times and I cannot bear to ever watch it again. Fuck this POS “COP” who violated his oath and murdered a defenseless man in cold blood. The jury must have been paid off or on some serious meds.

  • Pete Moss

    We Must Excile Manuel Ramos & Jay Cicinelli From Public Areas

  • Ian Shankey

    “Any American who enacts justice upon Ramos would surely be hailed as a hero and honored for generations.”

    That is NOT justice and it is NOT Patriotic. It is the lynch mob mentality. this asshole had his day in Court. Unfortunately for everyone’s precious little egos the verdict wasn’t what he probably deserved. Get over it. Advocating the Public attack someone because they are ‘outraged’ is not American or patriotic, It is theactions of a violent, immoral, jack-booted THUG, no different than this Cop.

    • CajunRay

      Tell the family of the person he MURDERED to get over it asshole.

      • Mohammed Peter Goldstein

        After you tell the 100s of other victims of mob justice to get over it, dicknose.

      • Ian Shankey

        Point them out & I will say it to their face. Trying to justify mob justice by using a weak, pathetic appeal to emotion doesn’t mean jack shit as far as I’m concerned. We are a Nation of Principles, or we are nothing. there is no middle ground.

        • Kerry

          You will need a federal agency FULL of agents to get this plainly stupid idea done. If you wanted to go and bring an armed SWAT to break down all the families doors that the cops killed and tell them to STFU and JUST TAKE IT, it would take 100 years and most of the families would be taken out. Then think about all the time it would take for funeral procession if one of your swat or cops got a hangnail in the line of duty, YOUR STUPID INSANE IDEA OF TELLING ALL OF US TO STFU AND TAKE IN THE >>> WHILE OUR FAMILIES ARE WIPED OFF THE EARTH would be too costly and time consuming…

          • Ian Shankey

            Thank you, Captain Litteral…

          • Kerry

            Just saying, there is over 5,000 murdered by cops just in the last ten years… at the rate your owners are killing all the debt slaves your share of the fake bank debt will skyrocket. You may at least stay home a couple of nights a week from telling victims families to STFU and JUST TAKE IT… so you can get a third job to help pay some of that debt that won’t be paid anymore from the debt slaves that were executed. The bankers, that the cops work for, have Lamborghini that need new wheels and brakes. Now, shush…

        • Home Health Care

          when the courts dont give us justice, then revenge is necessary.

          • Home Health Care

            and thats the way has been for 1000s of years get over it asshole.

    • Home Health Care

      Its very American. The only way THE PEOPLES voices can be heard sometimes is through a LYNCH MOB. This is how the US became so great… because of LYNCH MOBS. YES THIS MAN NEEDS TO BE MOBBED absolutely.

  • Just asking

    Why is there no sound for the begining of the encounter?

  • Just asking

    Why is there no sound at the begining of the encounter?

  • Just asking

    Is there audio at the beginning of the encounter?

  • I. Love Justice

    Kill yourself, Manny! It’s the only way out.

  • big daddy ray

    ibm 5100 john do you wont to talk let me no

  • josh

    I hope someone jumps both theses cops and gives them the justice they disserve

  • Jack Johnson

    please stay in so-cal.. stop migrating north

  • random77

    Please let that sorry bastard get jumped kill himself….

  • Get Mounted

    this is why cops need to be executed

  • Michelle Province

    What a turd. Go away, turd. No one wants you.

  • alien99

    He should be eliminated from planet earth.

  • .Tyler

    He was found not guilty. The justice system has spoken. Accept it and leave him alone. No point in treating others like that. It isn’t your business or your place to judge. It baffles me as to why everyone is always unhappy with the justice system. No matter our peers’ decision, we still get angry. He is not guilty of murder. So let the man eat his meal. In the grand scheme of things our opinions mean nothing. Only those who have already spoken matter. You get angry at him, but what about our peers who found him not guilty? you want them to die and you want them to be exiled but those of “us” who have come to a decision that causes you unhappiness remain un-thought of. Stupidity.

    • There’s the legal system, and there’s society, and they’re not the same thing. As a thinking person, I don’t necessarily have to accept the decision of a group of jurors any more than I have to accept the decisions of individual policemen. Whether to ostracize those who violate others is a personal decision one can and should make for oneself.

    • Home Health Care

      It is our business and absolutely our place to judge, more so than any judge, juror, or any cop executioner. WE ARE THE PEOPLE, THIS IS OUR JOB TO DECIDE WHAT IS AND IS NOT ACCEPTABLE IN OUR SOCIETY.

      The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    as george zimmerman would say, “tell me about it.”


    I am a concealed weapons owner and if i had witnessed this action going on, i would have opened fire on all these police officers for murder. This is against the law and i would have felt threatened for my life, who knows who they would have tried to get next. This officer doesn’t deserve to be in jail, he deserves to be killed slowly and painfully in public for everyone to see.

    • Home Health Care

      That would be enjoyable to watch worth the price of admission. Thank you

  • Rightway1208

    Fuck cops. They are egomaniacial, terrorist thugs. I hope every one of them dies a very painful, violent death.

  • Effe Bense

    Incredible! I just can’t believe they hire SERIAL KILLERS in the US Police.

    These guys are killers. No cops!

    I hope the ” good” guys among police people demonstrate loudly in the streets when this horrible crimes are commited by one of their so called ” colleagues”.

  • Adam Brian

    This man should be executed on site. Period.

  • and i was like WTF

    when America/ns still had balls they would have hung these 2 in the town square.

  • Exquisite Corpse

    These stories need dates on them.

  • James Michael

    Good, Americans hate murderous traitor psychopaths and the juries manipulated by the felons at the courts also…That got them off for cold blooded murder…..
    Olmsted v. United States, (1928) 277 U.S. 438
    “Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”
    That is cops across the United States right now…..

  • Edward The Great

    I wouldn’t feel safe with an obvious murderer sitting next to me and my family either.

  • Brandon Polansky

    This is PATHETIC!!!! Nothing is EVER going to be done and There will NEVER be Justice for Kelly Thomas and Al Sharpton doesn’t Care because Kelly was a “White Man” So NOBODY CARES!!!! Life goes on without Kelly Thomas he obviously wasn’t important enough, Those Pigs that Beat Thomas to death are Freaking Heros and Kelly Thomas’s Death was in VAIM!!!!

    • Brandon Polansky

      I meant to say Kelly Thomas death was in VAIN!!! and Even though Kelly Thomas had worse then Michael Brown, Eric Garner or even the Great Rodney King Yes the NYPD has a horrible reputation for beating Black people in California or Even Florida, Florida where you’re allowed to kill your own Baby or kill a black kid at a 7-11 just for buying skittles and ice tea, in Florida Unlike the NYPD that Targets black people in Florida THE POLICE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE!!!! The FL COPS will beat and kill ANYONE!!!!! Deputy William L. Goldstein shot and killed an Autistic 18 year old Michael Camberdella and no way is he getting attention like Michael Brown or Eric Garner or even Rodney And No Offence but if Rodney was white and the 3 cops that beat the hell out of Rodney where Black, There would be NO RIOT in LA and I bet Al Sharpton would be singing an entirely different tune!!!

  • Brandon Polansky

    This is so PATHETIC all people can do is get disgusted and just walk out??? NOBODY CARES ABOUT KELLY THOMAS!!!!! He is obviously Not as Important as Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Rodney King or Even Trayvon Martin from Florida, in Florida where you’re allowed to Murder your kid but Not allowed to get into a slight disagreement with an officer or you’ll wind up like Kelly Thomas and it made me sick when those Fullerton Cops Where Hugging their Lawyer for getting them Aquitted like it was Justified to kill a homeless man for No Reason!!!! Now I don’t mean to sound Racist but if Rodney King was White and all 3 Cops where African-American, THERE WOULD BE NO LA RIOT!!!! and Al Sharpton would be singing an entirely different tune!!!

  • Robert Ireland

    vile scum.

  • People talk about how we should seek justice and not revenge. These people don’t understand that there isn’t a difference. Justice is institutionalized revenge. We are giving up our right to strike back at our victimizers and handing it to a very partial government that will either do it for us, or just let them go. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to personally visit retribution on this scum. I also think that change isn’t going to come with the revolution of words that Anonymous keeps promising us. I feel that’s an empty promise. Change will only come when we subdue our oppressors and kill the ones that won’t be subdued. Watch the video. Force yourself to watch it. It’s important. A judge watched that video and saw no problem with the police in it. As far as he or she was concerned, they were just doing their duty. Ask yourself what kind of vile, sick, twisted monster can watch that video and be perfectly okay with what happens, and ask yourself if you really want someone like that in your community drawing air.

  • Warrior3301

    Here is an idea. Don’t call 911 anymore for police. I have decided that if a criminal goes after me, I will go down fighting and after that leave a message saying that until you clean up your act we will not ask for your help. We will deal with crime ourselves and you will not be needed. So screw 911! Fix your own problems. Fire and rescue only. No cops!

  • Nuno Miguel

    All I have to say is eye for an eye…Law of Nature supersedes legislated Human injustice!!!

    These murderers have to be ambushed, just as they ambush the innocent citizens they target to kill!!! Don’t bring anything less than a gun because they love & live to use theirs!!!



  • AuntySocial

    Violence towards these individuals will not solve anything. It might make you feel better, but it will not bring Kelly Thomas back. All of the police officers involved should be punished. Public shaming does work. This should follow them the rest of their lives, wherever they live, work, go out in public. Never let them forget.that they are cold-blooded killers.

  • Gingerbread witch

    How about when cicinelli was at knotts scary farm during the murder trial? OC weekly posted pics….

  • Evelyn

    a unatural monster. using the word animal is an insult to the animal kindom

  • qwkinuf

    If anyone finds out where Manuel Ramos and Jay Ciccinelli live, be sure to publish their home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. These bad cops should be sitting in prison right now and because they are not, they deserve the public’s wrath wherever they go. Hopefully they will commit suicide with enough public pressure.

  • John

    I tired of this kind of shit years ago and got out of the U.S. and I can tell you that in general no cops are welcome by most outside the U.S. either. They must hide who they are/were or be shunned, or worse. Without the protections of the corrupt legal system in the U.S.many would simply be targeted at any point it is learned who they are/were. “Accidents” happen all the time. So enjoy the shitty hated lives you all deserve right there in the good ‘ol US of A you pricks and c.unts created. Nobody is coming to save you over here.

  • thatguy

    He should bring his family with Him next time!’

  • RJ

    Why does no-one ever intervene or physically restrain when the police do these things, STOP RECORDING AND ACTUALLY STOP THEM. Your tapes of the crime do no good, these cops still walk, again and again and again and again and again and again. They’ll ignore peaceful protest, they can’t ignore bricks and rocks. When judges back up crook police officers, torch the fucking courthouses. If there’s no justice to be found in the courthouse there’s no justice to be found anywhere. A passive country of pacifists to scared to risk themselves for another. Can watch literally hundreds of videos of police beating citizens and maybe 1 in 100 someone might say something to the cop but never try to help.

  • trueknowledge

    We cannot respond to senseless acts of violence with justified acts of violence. “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Ryan

    Now if someone could just slowly beat him to death… I’ll be satisfied.

  • Lefty Blitzer

    This scumbag shouldn’t be welcomed anywhere (except probably at a Republican convention). This fucker should be shunned everywhere he goes. And if he refuses to commit suicide, then we should all help him out.

  • Brian Taylor

    Vigilantism is as reprehensible as the actions taken by that cop. To promote it and encourage someone to undertake it is not any different than performing it yourself,although it makes you appear cowardly on top of being reprehensible.

  • James Michael

    Good all those sworn servant murderers…. should at the very least be in jail for life…..

  • Liz O’neill

    this is heart breaking, what a horrible death for that poor young man, and what a fkn travesty of justice that the P.O.S Cops got away with this murder.