WATCH: Georgia Officer Saves Choking Baby

MARIETTA, Ga. – A Marietta police officer is being hailed as a hero, after performing life-saving measures for three minutes to help a choking two-month-old baby breathe again. “It was a joyous experience, I’ll tell you that,” Officer Nick St. Onge said about the ordeal, as he applied chest compressions and back blows for several … Read more

WATCH: Ohio Cop Shows How to Subdue a Knife-Wielding Man Begging to Die — Without Killing Him

10 APR 2016 Intense and dramatic footage of an Ohio policeman doing everything he can to not kill a man begging for ‘suicide by cop’ demonstrates the ability of law enforcement officers to arrest suspects without resorting to deadly force. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Glendale Police Chief Dave Warman commended Officer Josh … Read more

[WATCH] Body Camera Footage Shows Baltimore Police Officer De-Escalate Standoff With Armed Man in Crisis

A Baltimore police officer is being praised by the department for de-escalating a situation in which a man with a knife appeared to be trying to provoke police into shooting him. Instead, Officer Angel Villaronga was able to talk to the man, build a rapport and convince him to hand over his knife without further … Read more

New Police Program Gets Addicts Treatment Instead of Arresting Them

Whitney Webb | True Activist Drug addiction in America is an ever-growing epidemic and a “war” that we are losing. Throwing addicts in jail has proven ineffective given the nature of drug addiction and so hundreds of police departments around the US have started using drug treatment as an alternative to imprisonment. For instance, the … Read more