Police Use Intimidation and Threats to Stop Photographer from Covering Protest: Lawsuit

Nicholas Iovino | Courthouse News Service SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – State police treated the media like an enemy and made no distinction between journalists and environmental protesters they were removing

University of Missouri Police Tell Students to Report “Hurtful Speech”

Alex Griswold | Mediaite The Missouri University Police Department (MUPD) sent an email to students Tuesday morning urging them to call them and report any hurtful speech they encounter on

Female Judge Faces Harsh Criticism After Telling Teen Boy He’s Going to be Raped in Prison

  2015/11/05 A New Mexico judge is in the news for the second time. Just three months ago Judge Christina Argyres was criticized for letting a first-degree murder suspect, Selmonio

Childish Cops Bully Citizen for Filming

2015/10/29 TORONTO — A viral video has surfaced online showing two officers intimidating a man for filming a citizen being arrested. The video starts with a black teenager being arrested.

Crazy Cop Threatens to Shoot Americans at Movie Theaters if They Feel “Their Lives Matter”

2015/10/24 Almost a year after outrage that Phillip White’s prejudiced tweets created across the nation, the San Jose police Department has decided to fire the 20-year veteran cop. In December

Police Point Guns at a Man Trying to Clean Dog Poop

Officers handcuffed a man and threatened to him without hearing his side of the story. When Mateo Romero pulled into a stranger’s driveway because he needed to stop in an

Former Hero Cop Now Charged With Making Terroristic Threats and DUI

by Max Chantha KENTUCKY – Sadly, it seems that Sheriff Todd Pate will not be remembered for his rescuing of a young boy who had been tortured by his parents.

ATF Agent Waves Gun at Parents at High School Football Game

HOUSTON, TX — Parents are known to get slightly carried away when watching their children play on the field. Spectators witnessed a rather disturbing example of this at a recent

Road Rage Cop Points Gun at Disabled Driver’s Head, Drags Body Behind Car

LAKE FOREST, CA — A 50-year-old man from California, who uses a cane to walk, was brutally abused by a police officer at least 10 years his junior. The man,

Cops Force Citizens Into “Free Speech Zone” While Illegally Searching Vehicle

  Andre’ Gabriel Esparza | 2015/09/09 ARLINGTON, TEXAS — On Saturday evening, administrators from Dallas CopBlock (Jose Vela), North Texas CopBlock (Kenny Lovett), and myself Texas CopBlock converged on the

“I Don’t Give a S**t About Your Wedding!” — Officer Interrupts Couple’s Wedding Activity Over Permit: Report

2015/08/14 CARBON COUNTY, PA — A deeply upsetting report has been provided on Facebook from a citizen who says she and her family were harassed and berated by an officer

Police Threaten to Arrest 75-Yr-Old Woman Over “Height of Her Lawn”

RIESEL, TX – A 75-yr-old woman was startled to find out that police intended to handcuff her frail wrists behind her back and lock her in a cell. “I’m 75