Two Police Officers Brutally Break Disabled Child’s Arm on Schoolbus


ROTTERDAM — A video has sparked outrage in communities after it was discovered that two large police officers ganged up on a mentally disabled boy and brutally broke his arm.

A sharp cracking sound can be heard in the video as the boy’s bone is broken apart, followed by wailing and crying from the boy.

X-rays revealed severe breakage and shattering of the boy’s bone midway up to his bicep.

breaking boys arm

The boy, 16, was simply sitting in a bus seat when he was threatened by police for refusing to leave.

He has been diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorder.

At the time the footage was captured, he was on new medication that limited his ability to move, according to his attorney.

“They placed his arm in a position where they locked the arm and proceeded with significant force to break the arm between the shoulder blade and elbow, creating a displaced fracture,” said the attorney.

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With a limited ability to move, the boy would not get up from his seat when it was his turn to exit. The bus driver called the police, believing that it was not safe to transport the boy elsewhere, claiming to have been “threatened” by the disabled boy.

Two cops arrived at the scene and began talking to the boy. It was clear that the boy was not going to follow their commands, as he silently bowed his head down and did not respond to them.

That’s when the police started making violent threats, hinting that they would drag the boy and hogtie him.

“What are we going to do here?” asked officer Ryan.

“You can either walk off the bus, or we can drag you off the bus, strap you on a stretcher and take you to Ellis Hospital. You can walk off the bus like a young man or we can hog-tie you,” said officer Ryan.

Officer Armstrong added, “If we have to fight, someone might get hurt.”

That’s when the two officers resorted to violence and began yanking the boy from the seat, pulling him across the aisle and ramming him up against an adjacent seat.

The footage then shows officer Ryan forcing the boy’s left arm up behind the boy’s back at an unnatural angle.
As he looks down at the boy, he continues twisting it and bending it backwards until the cracking of the bone can be heard.

“Oh, God…you broke my arm… aahhhhhh!” the boy began crying and wincing in pain.

After breaking the boy’s arm, the police made matters worse and charged the boy with “obstructing governmental administration.”

Rotterdam Police Chief James Hamilton stated that the “officers followed department protocol and procedures.”

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“It’s clear the police officer was trying to break his arm. There was no other reason to twist his arm in that direction. This was intentional. And every policeman knows it but won’t say anything because ‘cops don’t rat on cops,'” said one commenter.

The boy’s attorney is fighting the charges and suing for $1 million, stating that the video shows an “obvious use of excessive force.”

Raw footage (WARNING: Graphic)

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  • Serendipity.tha.muse


  • Shawn Watson

    Boxing him in like that, staring down at him – not the best, or any, way of handling the situation. Where was the understanding, reasoning, feeling?

    Who the fuck employs these evil bullies?

    • JonEdHil

      We do. [:(

  • Dane

    Exactly, and until we start having independent civilians investigating police that will not change, cops don’t rat out cops.

  • Christien Bender

    This is disgusting ! I is 100% obvious to anyone that the cop had no other intention other than to break his arm apparently as punishment for not listening. The boy was not complying with their directions but he was not fighting them and they were inn ZERO danger. Police seem to think that they are permitted to beat or intentionally injure people who don’t follow their directions. That IS NOT THE LAW ! They are legally allowed to use “reasonable” force to defend themselves or to get someone to comply etc.. Civilian oversight committees, 100% video/audio recording and heavy accountability amongst many other things are needed to reverse the trend of brutality and killings/murders by the supposed law enforcement of this country (others as well but for the purpose of this post I will stick with U.S. problems)

  • Randall Williams

    the bastards have gotten away with so much because there was not any way to say they were lying and so the courts believed the bastards . cops don’t lie is the way things were . now that they have been caught so many times because of the video it doesn’t matter because now they are just doing their job . their job now is you can legally stomp on the constitution and violate the people’s civil rights without fear of being punished . our constitution plainly states that we our free of fear from this kind of tyranny . then tell me why these bastards are getting away with violating are constitution ?? never the mind the monetary award , but why are they not being charged and prosecuted just like everybody else when they break the law that is design for every one??what happened to equal justice for all ????

    • Latasha Simpson

      No they have gotten away with it because we cant unite

      • Tom Lowe

        No, they are getting caught now that the cameras are everywhere. Things are going to change.

  • Thomas Albert

    Crimes against Humanity

  • Brady

    ooookkk so the kid obvisly shouldnt just be sitting there that means he is doing somthing “wrong” was it big enough to use force no….so all im saying is the kid was looking for trouble he wasnt an innicont kid you are all saying cops are people so they make mistakes….i dont like alot of cops ( practicly none) but all im saying is there not entirly wrong in this situation….(considering the fact that we dont know if he was intending to break the childs arm)

    • HelloFeds

      The kids arm was broken. It doesn’t fucking matter what the kid or the cop are like as people. He broke his fucking arm.

    • sonicbphuct

      yeah, I break my child’s arm when they won’t listen to me. I do it to other people’s children as well. It’s weird, though – the cops always seem to get upset when I do it.

  • Donald Perriello


  • Stoney

    What we don’t see is what the kid did to get the cops called on him… But it is messed up they broke his arm.. But there is a lot of fucked up little assholes out there I would like to break there arms…

    • Na_na99

      He didn’t get off the bus. This happens often to disabled children. I removed my own son from a school when they told me they were going to have him arrested if he takes off his clothes again. He was 6 at the time but has the mental capacity of a 2 year old. “Authority” figures tell disabled children what to do, and then get upset because the child either won’t do what they say or doesn’t understand. A man with down’s syndrome was killed in New England. His crime? He didn’t leave the movie theater when he was asked to leave. He didn’t fight or anything, wasn’t being violent. Just ‘not leaving’ was enough to use DEADLY force.

    • Skizerz

      his ‘crime’ was he wouldn’t get off the bus. that’s it. he has multiple mental disorders and had just been put on new medication, this causes confusion on top of the confusion they already have from the disorders. it wasn’t his fault.

  • Jason O

    These aren’t cops they are pigs, and cowards.

  • Cops not at fault

    the cops gave the kid justifiable time and opportunity to respond and leave the bus, but he refused to respond…the kid was fully aware of what was going on and what was being asked of him, and resisted to cooperate when the cops tried to move him…It was the kids own fault that he got his arm broke when he was resisting…the fact that he was able to vocally respond when his arm broke, demonstrated that he understood what was being asked of him. ..

    • renee aitken

      the child/teen is bipolar with anxiety issues on a new medication. do you know just how much a new medication can cause slowness in your brain depending on the amount you are given? have you ever seen or been around your child when they were given high doses of medication to calm them and their brains can process what you say, but bodily they can’t really function? until this happens to you or a loved one, don’t assign blame to the child….no matter if you are fully in a daze like that or not, you do feel and react to severe pain.

      • Abbi Orenstein

        to a cop it doesn’t matter. they think we all have lighting reflexes and a gun that’s why they attack first now. someone told them that they’re lives are more important then ours and that every person from infants to the elderly are packin’ heat. I’m pretty sure that men like them consider those of us with

        disabilities, the wrong skin color, or the wrong social class sub human. there really needs to be better psyche exams of cops and better standards.

    • sonicbphuct

      troll. nice astroturf name. do they warehouse you sockpuppet masters in a giant hangar somewhere?

    • Na_na99

      New medications for children will have them sleeping 15 hours a day and sitting during the ‘awake’ time hardly able to know someone is standing in front of them. I’ve had to refuse to give my own child ZOMBIE medication (the side effects are worse than what is being treated. Adderall causes depression and suicidal thoughts and the Risperdahl to counter it causes cholesterol to raise so high even in children that they have to take cholesterol medication as young as 3 and have their blood cholesterol monitored every few months). GUANFACINE will have a child basically take numerous naps a day and then wake up long enough to drool while staring at the wall, and unfortunately people sometimes have their kids on that drug and others at the same time…… my point is, teachers demand that kids not be in their class without being drugged out of their heads, and then get an attitude that these kids can’t hear, don’t listen, won’t move, sleep in class, etc.

      • Na_na99

        Just consider, my own child at 3 was prescribed adderall, risperdahl, cholesterol medication, and guanfacine…. all of this for hyperactivity (I refused to give him all of that poison). There’s no telling what they would have a much larger kid taking.

        The adderall and guanfacine were for hyperactivity, the risperdahl (risperidone?) was to counter the SIDE EFFECTS of the adderall and guanfacine, and the cholesterol medicine was to counter the side effects of the risperdahl. All of this for a 3 year old. Imagine how much medicine they would give a 16 year old.

    • Ronto Goldlust

      Sure, the kid did resist, but the cops had him held in a position where they could hand cuff him. They were pretty much finished with the little “scuffle” they had. Then out of nowhere, the officer on the left decided to jerk the kid’s arm up into an impossible position, raising it up above his shoulder from in back of him. It was VERY clear that arms are not supposed to bend that way, and considering he excreted enough force to break one of the strongest bones in the body, it’s obvious it was no accident. What the cop did was no doubt intentional.

    • dlws8607

      Spoken like a good fascist.

    • Skizerz

      people already pointed out how wrong you are so i’d just like to say.

      you’re a fucking ignorant twat. you’re defending these disgusting pigs. seems like people like you LOVE being oppressed or some shit.

    • Wesley R Smith

      Cop apologists are as bad as bad cops themselves.

      Spit out the cop penis’s firmly embedded in your pretty mouth. Good. Now trying defending the cops again without a mouth full of cop penis and cop jizz.

      You must be either a cop, spouse of a cop, ex cop or ex cop spouse, perhaps even a cop fucking groupie whore.

  • Gully

    1 some of the things said in the article doesn’t happen here
    2 the kid himself lunged to the opposite side of the bus
    3 that said the only thing that is wrong here is the way the arm was twisted unnecessarily

    What I don’t get is if my arm broke I’d be screaming like hell this kid seemed to shrug it off :/

    • Skizerz

      because he was in shock. i broke both my arms at the same time in a skateboarding accident when i was 14 and i didn’t cry about it, i basically sounded like this kid did. Have you never broken a bone?

  • renee aitken

    #1, disabled #2, new medication causes slower response times, confusion, you may be able to hear and know what is going on but fully doing things is a whole other thing #3 where were they dropping him off at, at school, at home? would have been best for his teacher or a parent/guardian to try to get him to respond instead of police. that’s the main problem instead of trying to contact th3e appropriate person an uninformed person will call police who really have no training in how to handle a teenage child with any type of mental disability. teachers have told me they couldn’t handle my daughter, other teachers have had no problems, because they understood her and her ways of brain functioning on meds, they were trained…police aren’t. some teacher had problems calming my daughter put her on the phone with me and she calmed down. you don’t threaten a child, especially one who is bipolar and axiety disorders. bus drivers (and assistants) who drive handicapped buses should be fully trained and not an older person who can’t handle a child with these types (or any type) of problems. sorry it so long. had it been my child….a bit of hell would have been released and i would be in jail

  • Austin

    That was just flat out intentional breaking of his arm. No one can argue against that. The “kid” was large however non violent in this confrontation. The Officers communicated very well but he did not respond. They clearly had made good moves to control and restrain him and were at the end of the basically non violent standoff they had. This quickly turned into a normal arm behind the back handcuff/restraining procedure, to the office pushing his entire weight against the guys arm into a direct the arm does not bend. This is very very clear. The Office actually tenses up, grabs the forearm and directs it into a totally unaturaly direct for a split second with his full body weight… before you hear the break. This guy should be charged and removed from the force. initial good communication with someone that isn’t responding to commands and is under your control does not warrant this level of bodily harm.

  • Jim Arnold

    Ummmm…Not sure if the cops were told he had a disability or not but it looks like they tried to be very reasonable with him – and tried to be as gentle as possible when removing the kid. Broken arm appears to be freak accident. Shit happens – but nobody should get sued over it. Taxpayers are the ones who will pay not the cops.

    • fedup_now

      No, it should be to COPS paying for the damage they did, not the tax payers. I know of at least ONE instance where the cops ended up paying the lawsuit, which is what should happen here.

    • Kanye Beadly

      If you watch the video, they had him in a position where they could handcuff him but that officer randomly decided to bend his arm the way and break it. And that’s one of the strongest bones in the body. You’re not breaking it on accident without trying to.

  • Jason

    lol the police were trying to hand cuff the kid and he yanked his arm, so it was the kid’s fault not the police. You can clearly see that the police didn’t break the kid’s arm on purpose.

    • Christopher Usewicz

      they knew what they did to his arm right away, if they didn’t they would’ve have used the bent arm as leverage to move the kid but instead they let the arm go. Cops know what they are doing and any intelligent person knows arms don’t go around that high behind one’s back.. So excessive force is ok and if they break parts of the body or even kill a person its their fault because the cops say they had no other choice? Parents who have trouble with their kids and call the cops should expect this to happen then?

    • Ronto Goldlust

      Clearly? From what I see the officer got him into a position to hand cuff him, and out of nowhere twisted his arm into a nearly impossible position. There is no way the kid could have broken his arm like that from just jerking away. He shattered one of the strongest bones in the body. A lot of force needed to be excerted onto his arm in order for that bone to break. You can see the officer on the left grab his arm with two hands, and wrench it away from his back and up over the kid’s shoulder. There is no way the officer could have possibly thought that putting someone’s arm in that position with that much force would have been okay. Either the cop is a complete moron, or he intentionally did this. After looking at the film many times, I’m going to go with the second one, despite the fact that I could easily tell just watching it once.

  • Wyldeflowyr

    Why did the driver call the police instead of the boy’s parents? Seems to me that the bus driver shares the responsibility for what happened.

  • Christopher Usewicz

    so the cops are authorized to use violent and excessive force at any time then charge that person to cover their butts. Welcome to the USofA

    • Kat B

      from what the story said, this is NOT USA.

      • Na_na99

        Rotterdam, New York is in New England, US, not in “old” York, “old” England.

        • Lily

          The real Rotterdam isn’t in York either… Nothing is, York’s a city here in England, and Rotterdam is in the Netherlands.

          • Tom Lowe

            No, York is a town in Nebraska. And another one in Pennsylvania.

            And Rotterdam is in Holland.


      • AlliC

        Rotterdam is part of the Capital region in New York State. I live about 15 min from there and remember when this happened

  • m.heart

    The police were well within their rights.
    Get over it.
    You’re finding fault where there is none.
    The “boy” certainly had no problem fighting them and cursing.
    Disabled my a**.
    Support your local police.

    • dlws8607

      Spoken like a good fascist. Support your local police as long as they are beating and torturing someone else.

  • JR

    Thats really messed up I have nothing against law inforcement doing there job but if he was mentally unstable then call the state mental health and have them come in and have the cops on stand by I mean someone clearly is a dumb ass I hope these two cops get in trouble..

  • CherryDaddy

    This is why when you’re working with or for disabled or mentally ill people of all ages, you need patience and understanding, and a willingness to see things from the other side. I personally blame the bus driver who likely didn’t know much about the boy and instead of seeing his disability saw a kid who needed to be “handled”. There are ways to discipline or reason with someone that don’t involve calling the police (unless you or they are in danger, which from what I see doesn’t look likely at all). That said, it looks like an accident, so the police who also seem to have been ignorant of what the boy was going through, are mostly blameless here as they probably just thought of him as a kid being willfully disobedient or bratty. Either way, sucks that it happened. 🙁

  • John Martin

    I generally agree with what is posted to this site regarding police brutality, but this really seems to me to be an accident on the officer’s part. I’d like to know more about the officer’s past and if he has ever behaved inappropriately while on the job. I think this was handled very well until the arm was broken, but even that really didn’t look like an act of brutality.

    • Ronto Goldlust

      After watching the video, I can’t imagine how the officer could have possibly done that on accident. They had him in a position where they could hand cuff him, then the officer on the left continued to force his arm into a CLEARLY impossible position, twisting it up to shoulder height. And considering he managed to break one of the strongest bones in the body, he had to excert quite a bit of force to do what he did. It was obvious that arms do not bend that way. I can’t imagine how the officer could have thought everything would be fine while forcing the kid’s arm way up like that.

      • John Martin

        Maybe you’re right about the officer knowing he was exerting a lot of force, but I guess I really find it hard to believe that his easy talking to the boy turned into enough aggression to intentionally bust his arm like that. If the officer really did go from one mindset to another in a matter of unforeseeable seconds like that, I would be inclined to believe that the officer has a mental issue that needs more treatment than the boy’s. Regardless of all this, I don’t think a kid that is that unstable should be on a regular school bus where he ends up in a position like this, where he didn’t get off at his stop, and refused to cooperate with not only the bus driver that he had apparently threatened before, but also the police officers that had to be called.

        • Trent Cannon

          Those with anger management issues have a tendency to go from very nice to angry and abusive at the drop of a hat when they are not listened to. It’s typical of abusive relationships, where the wife or girlfriend convinces themselves that because he’s so nice most of the time that they shouldn’t leave, that it was all an accident. Or he’s a sociopath, in which case he really just felt nothing. The politeness being the normal facade sociopath’s put on, and the breaking his arm was more of a because he could rather than anger. And i honestly don’t know which one’s scarier.

  • Feloniousjoe

    Not police brutality at all. Get up and walk off the bus next time moron. This kid doesn’t have metal disorders; all those listed above are the ones people use because a doctors diagnose of ‘the kids an asshole’ is inappropriate.

    • Ronto Goldlust

      Whether he had a mental disorder or not, the officer had no reason to break the kid’s arm. He was resisting, but he was not violent. They got him pinned into one of the seats, and held him in a position where they were able to hand cuff him. From there, the officer on the left randomly decided to jerk his arm way up around his back into a position that it is obviously not possible to go in. That much is very clear. And considering he broke one of the strongest bones in the body, he had to have been excerting a lot of force. In all, they severly injured a non-violent teen that simply refused to get off of a bus, which looks intentional. So yes. This is police brutality.

    • dlws8607

      Spoken like a good fascist. Where did you get your MD?

    • Skizerz

      jesus christ you’re disgusting, people like you shouldn’t even be born. he’s been clinically diagnosed with like 5 mental disorders, people like you pretend that these disorders don’t even exist or some shit.

  • dagdason


  • Jano

    They need to be stoned!!

  • thevoice_692001

    THe poilice in this country have turned into a giant monster that is in control despite the fact that our state just had to have the Federal GOV step in and are still involved this is crap and special needs as well I have 4 special needs children we took out of school and home school out 8 yr old to keep it from happening

  • Jaciglaab

    What is wrong with that crazy-useless monitor ?? Smiling as they have just injured that child that is supposed to be in her care ?? This is horrific. Is this a bus that runs disabled and exceptional students to and from school ?? Because it is frightening that they do not have any tactics in place to deal with a problem such as a child shutting down. That they decided to call the police is just INSANE !! They should all be fired.

  • michelle adams

    What is going to happen to this world if we continue to let the police force act in this matter, and not be prosecuted.

  • Melissa Supersaiyan Earthseed

    Of course, the video is gone.

  • Thomas Smith

    Cool. Nice to know it is protocol to break a child’s arm and hog tie him when he is already paralyzed.

    Ever wonder why “Fuck the Police” was written?

  • Ben27p

    Wheres the video?

  • Awesome comment, Farva.

    Why are all the cops so fat? Isn’t there fitness requirements anymore? Or do they just stop training at Thug 101?

  • Drea

    The Chinese might have the best solution for a cop problem like this.

  • Mino Juffre

    We keep laughing at some American blindly worshipping authority “Judge Dredd” style. Their lack or empathy and courage is unique, deserving of fascism. People there are being brutalized and killed by police for every sort of small offence and they keep defending their masters in uniform. Home of the brave? I’d say more “land of the slaves”!

  • nugget

    KILL THEM! At least breaks all four of their limbs! I’m tired of american cops using voilence to deal with all of their problems!

  • dynommoose

    If the officers were following department protocol and procedures, the protocol and procedures of that department need to change!

  • Abbi Orenstein

    so the driver was threatened by a disabled kid with limited movement? I hope he feels like hell now, his actions in calling the police caused this. I’d a just called his parents.