Cop Pulls Gun on Child for Filming, Challenges Him to Fight

2016/08/15 via The Free Thought Project Columbia, MO — On March 7, 2015 Cezan “CJ” Stock and a group of friends were hanging out in their neighborhood in Columbia, when

Man Arrested After “Having Thought” of Killing Cop: Lawsuit

Joe Harris | Courthouse News Service Veteran Says Counselor Got Him Arrested LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CN) – A veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder was without cause arrested and jailed

Disturbing Video Catches Cop Plotting to Shoot an Unconscious Man in Need of Medical Help

Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project Meriden, CT — Responding to reports of an intoxicated man asleep in the middle of the road, a Meriden, Connecticut police officer said,

New Bill Would Have Teachers Diagnose Psychological Issues in Children and Report them to Police

Jay Syrmopoulos | The Free Thought Project Dallas, Texas – Texas State Representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) is once again in the spotlight after submitting yet another Orwellian proposal, H.B. 985.

Cop Who Beat Up 12-Year-Old Child, Threatened Senior Citizen Faces No Charges

2015/11/27 Max Chantha | November 26, 2015 NEW YORK – One boy’s night of trick-or-treating became a nightmare of choke-and-punch after he drew the ire of an off-duty police officer

“Don’t Make Me Shoot You” – FBI Agent Threatens Unarmed Civilian, Pushes Boy to Ground

2015/11/09 There is no doubt – love is blind, and it can make you do strange things. In fact, for a veteran FBI agent it made him believe he was

Cop Pulls Woman Over, Threatens to Imprison Her Unless She Let Him “Smell Her Feet”

2015/10/27 Had it not been for the bravery of a Houston woman, a police officer would have continued to believe that he could subject innocent civilians to his sexual fetishes.

Crazy Cop Threatens to Shoot Americans at Movie Theaters if They Feel “Their Lives Matter”

2015/10/24 Almost a year after outrage that Phillip White’s prejudiced tweets created across the nation, the San Jose police Department has decided to fire the 20-year veteran cop. In December

Police Point Guns at a Man Trying to Clean Dog Poop

Officers handcuffed a man and threatened to him without hearing his side of the story. When Mateo Romero pulled into a stranger’s driveway because he needed to stop in an

Former Hero Cop Now Charged With Making Terroristic Threats and DUI

by Max Chantha KENTUCKY – Sadly, it seems that Sheriff Todd Pate will not be remembered for his rescuing of a young boy who had been tortured by his parents.

Drunk Cop Crashes Into Car, Punches Victim and Threatens to Shoot Witnesses Who Rendered Aid: Report

  He was the president of the department’s Police Officers Association, had spent twenty odd years with the police force, and was a cop at one of the largest school