Man Arrested and Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Having Windmill on His Property

Orono, MN – For more than a year, we have been following the story of a Minnesota man, Jay Nygard, who is routinely risking jail time because he refuses to

Cop: I Will Gladly Arrest You Over a Light Bulb

2015/09/19 Brett Sanders | Manchester NH – Rob Mathias of the Rebel Love Show was able to capture a rare philosophical debate between a patrol officer and himself where

Road Rage Cop Points Gun at Disabled Driver’s Head, Drags Body Behind Car

LAKE FOREST, CA — A 50-year-old man from California, who uses a cane to walk, was brutally abused by a police officer at least 10 years his junior. The man,

Video: Cop Literally Performs Drive-By Shooting on Home of Someone Who Was “Critical”

2015/08/26 DETROIT, MI — People often compare police to an organized gang, with some saying that police are actually the “largest street gang in America.” It recent case is causing

“You’re on Notice” – Police Union Rep Releases Open Letter to Americans With “Anti-Law Enforcement” Attitude

2015/06/19 Dave Mutchler, the president of the “Fraternal Order of Police” in River City has issued an open letter to Americans, putting some of them “on notice.” Here is the

Illinois Police Department Gets The Green Light On Using Drones

Michael Heise | Police in Illinois will soon be using drones for photographing crash scenes and crime scenes from an aerial viewpoint. According to them, that is ALL they

Road Rage Cop Pulls Gun on Elderly Man, Drags His Body Behind Car for Changing Lanes

SANTA ANA — Now-former Officer Jacob Swigger has been charged with two felony counts, one for excessive force and one for assault with a firearm, according to repoets. The charges

Female Cop Abuses 70-yr-old Air Force Veteran, Literally Arrests Him for Walking With a Cane

And why are we not surprised? It turns out that this miserable old hag had a thing against “n*ggers,” according to an ex-partner of hers. In an exclusive interview with

“You People Need to Learn that I am the Authority!” — Cop Arrests Woman for Not “Shutting Up”

2015/01/27 CLEVELAND — A woman was shocked by the behavior of police when she was arrested and thrown in a jail cell after “not shutting up.” Mariah Crenshaw’s pregnant daughter

UFC Fighter Attacked by Police, Tased for Asking Them to Identify Themselves

2015/01/22 DEKALB — Police are required by law to show their identification, but the officers in the raw video that you’re about to see refused to obey the law. The

SHOCK: Cops Will Be Tried for Murder After Shooting Innocent Homeless Man to Death

Adan Salazar | NEW MEXICO — A New Mexico District Attorney’s office has filed murder charges against the Albuquerque police officers who gunned down a non-violent camper last year.

“If This Goes on YouTube, I’ll Find a Way to Arrest You” — Cop Whines About American Filming

“If I See You Post This On YouTube, I’ll Find A Way For The D.A.’s Office To Arrest You” Chris | InformationLiberation A camera-shy New York State trooper threatened to