War on Guns

26 Reasons to Not Trust the Police

Michael Heise | FilmingCops.com The police aren’t making too many friends these days. It seems like there isn’t a day that goes by where some tragic and outrageous story comes

Militarization is More Than Tanks and Rifles: It’s a Cultural Disease, Acclimating the Citizenry to Life in a Police State

John W. Whitehead | Rutherford Institute “If we’re training cops as soldiers, giving them equipment like soldiers, dressing them up as soldiers, when are they going to pick up the

Prison Investigation Finds Americans Forced to Eat Unsanitary Food, Live in Rat Feces

It must be kept in mind that most of the people locked in prison right now are there because they ingested or carried a natural plant that the US government

Raw Footage Shows Heavily Militarized Police Training to Invade Homes on American Soil

2015/03/03 DEKALB — A citizen has uploaded raw footage to CopBlock.org showing what appears to be heavily militarized police lined up outside an abandoned home, as if discussing the most

The War on Drugs and Prison Industrial Complex Explained in Pictures: 7 Infographics You Need to See

    Created by Colorlines.com  Created by Online-Paralegal-Degree.org Created by CommunityCoalition.com  Created by Avaaz.org Created by SafeQualitySchools.org Created by ACLU.org Watch the documentary below to learn the truth about how

There Are More Blacks Under Correctional Control Today Than In 1850 Slaveholding America

Washingtons Blog The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world — higher than Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea or Iran. While the United States represents about

The Truth About Martin Luther King: Cops Denied Him Gun Permit So He Couldn’t Protect Himself

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr’s house was bombed in 1956? Did you know that after the bombing occurred, he applied for a permit to legally own and

The US Now Has More Prisons Than Colleges – Here’s a Map of Where Those Prisoners Live

Christopher Ingraham | Washington Post There were 2.3 million prisoners in the U.S. as of the 2010 Census. It’s often been remarked that our national incarceration rate of 707 adults

Policing Comes to a Stop in New York, People Get Along Peacefully and Society Continues

2014/12/30 So, where’s all the chaos and the murder and the children smoking meth? We are constantly reminded by State institutions, from lecture halls to mainstream “news” organizations, that if

The Reason We Have a Police State

2014/11/03 A dozen reasons could be given for why we observe the present police state. Such as: The police began dressing in black and militarizing themselves in the 1990’s, and

Cop “Fired” After Shooting 93-yr-old Woman to Death

Gary Strauss | USA Today DALLAS — A Texas cop who fatally shot a 93-year-old woman following a family dispute has been fired. Hearne Police Officer Stephen Stem was dismissed

Think Cops Won’t Declare War Against You? They Already Have…

WASHINGTON, DC — The United States Government is now equipping police departments across the country with 13,000 high-powered, mine-resistant military units, according to a newly released video report by Blomberg (below).